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I inherited a lingerie company from my father, but is this really the job of a boss?!

"Did you get this wet and excited from seeing these underwear?" My secretary says while stirring my insides. Why do I have to do this even though I’m a virgin?! My father passed away and I took over the company and I became the boss. But my first job is to be an underwear model?! I have to show myself like I want the men from the other company to eat me. And... Kanzaki... he didn't save me, and he did XX?!

My new boyfriend satisfied me enough on the bed, but why do I still think about my ex?

"No… we can’t here…ah!" In a bathroom…so close to where their friends are… Juri is a college student. She belongs to the movie club and is dating a fellow member Shuichi for 6 months. In April her junior from high school appears. Why... She panics and couldn't tell anyone that he is her ex... Taku says "I can't give up on you..." Juri is confused about her feelings. Shuichi loves Juri. Hina likes Shuichi. Hayakawa likes Hina. The movie club is full of dangerous relationships!

I just want to him to be the kind of man I adored in the past...

Holding her down and forcibly exploring her body with is fingers and tongue… Marina is reunited with her friend from junior high she looked up to, Shinya. However, the present Shinya is nothing but a facade and she is at the mercy of his body. "Why did it turn out like this?!" Marina cannot forget the pained expression on Shinya's face. In order to find out what happened, Marina must step into the night world...but a nasty trap is waiting?!

She's not only rich on money, she is insatiable too!

Lick and lick all the different types of cream. Today Lady and the butler will play in Wonderland, with whipped cream! Cream all over my wet mouth... getting wetter while sucking Murase... Murase's tongue...my.... Mix it in all the way....deeper!