A genius for comedic Yaoi Manga!

Tamaki Kirishima has a distinct art and narrative style that will turn your BL reading experience into the most entertaining one! From the story of Butler-Master secret romance; bodyguard-Yakuza heir’s series of misunderstanding; A detective and a delinquent who were a childhood friends; to two hosts under the same roof—We bet you will never finish their manga without laughing!


Makoto Kambayashi, the former strongest motorcycle gang leader, lives an honest and self-fulfilling life while still getting admired by his juniors. Behind his cool background, he is actually a virgin whose first kiss was stolen by the honored student, Chigusa Tokuyama. Many years later, Makoto's nemesis returns to the town, now working as a detective. Innocent Makoto allows Chigusa to crash at his house, but suddenly Makoto was pushed down. "I know that you are still a virgin," Chigusa whispered lewdly. How did he?! Makoto wanted to push him back, but why do his mind and body gradually desiring Chigusa instead? Will that pure and embarrassing "word" spilled out of his mouth? "Spill!" is a light crime BL that would bring smile and excitement with powerful characters and entertaining narratives.

Just For The Butler

After spending most of his life as an ordinary person, Satoru now has to prove himself as the head of the noble Matsunomiya family. But it seems like no matter hard he studies and practices; he could not fulfill everyone's expectation. Well, there's also Kusunoki, the overcapable head butler who is also Satoru's secret lover, but Kiryu, the hot-headed younger butler keep hindering their romantic time! In the midst of his existential crisis and loneliness, Satoru suddenly decided to play with an investment game that will dramatically change his future...

Love and Virginity Turn A Deaf Ear

Can a Host be a virgin? Well, how could Shiro, who didn't even experience the pure excitement of love yet possibly getting laid? The innocent big guy is now living under the same roof with Ko, the number one beautiful host who is arrogant and play things fast. It's just past two weeks after they started staying together, but why did Shiro could not stop his curiosity towards his superior? To be the ideal man for Ko, Shiro started to polish himself to be more attractive and desirable, but it seems like, for Ko, there is a more important requirement... Hilarious lover quarrel, heart-clenching moment, "Love and Virginity Turn a Deaf Ear" is your favorite rom-com BL featuring an interesting character casts!

Your Wish is My Command

Takeru, the only son of Yakuza family, has one problem: Although he's already a college student, he's still being treated as a child by his minder, Naruse. From home to campus, to even toilet! Naruse never backed down. So Takeru decided to turn his minder's overcaring into a weakness he can exploit, so without any further resistance, he asked Naruse to do something pervert. But why did Takeru is the one who feels uncontrollably horny?! "Your wish is my command" is a run-and-chase passionate relationship between master-servant that would leave you attached while holding excessive laugh.