We have dreamt of this day since a long time ago...

From ex to Eternity

Cara Chandler-Harris is the lead dress designer and owner of Cara Chandler-Harris Designs, an up-and-coming wedding dress company. She was supposed to get married to Keith “Missle” Mitchell, but when a life-altering tragedy struck the week of their wedding, he left her to recover by herself. Now, years later, he’s a successful consultant, dedicating his life to his job. The two come into close contact again via a bridal expo at a property he is renovating. While the two work together to make the bridal expo at his resort a success, Mother Nature decides to toss a tropical storm their way! Stuck elevators and couples spa tests… Are these two destined to restart their romance, or is it all just part of the job?


The man who kidnapped Lorelei from her own wedding audaciously declared, “I’m the man you’ll marry!” Jack was her previous lover and had left her at the altar ten years earlier. He was full of confidence and whisked Lorelei away to go on a treasure hunt, aiming to get rich quick. Lorelei used to think about eloping with him, but now she doesn’t want to be hurt by him again. Despite that, her heart still holds a murmur of love for him, and he’s as sexy as he ever was! Fearful of his charm, Lorelei looks for the perfect moment to plan her escape, but...


Caron, a spoiled young lady who is a lawyer, is having her wedding in one week. Her fiancé cheated on her, but she can’t call off her wedding just because of that. She uses her work as an excuse to visit Canada. Unexpectedly, her client, Ewan, attracts her attention, his deep blue eyes wanting to know the truth…


Amber was Finn’s secretary at work…and his fiancée at home! But her happy heart is slowly filling with anxiety. Ever since their engagement, he’s been pushing her away and telling her that he’s too busy with work. Finn is the talented CEO of a modeling agency, and models are constantly trying to seduce him. She worries that he’s not in love with her anymore… And just as Amber began to doubt him, she caught him in the embrace of a beautiful young model!


It has always been Christina’s dream to wear a wedding dress. She looks at her beautiful form in the mirror and her heart pounds. Her nickname as a child was the ugly duckling and her parents were cold and distant with her, so she had always thought that she would never get married. But now she is, and her fiancé is the man she’s always adored...the crown prince of Halencia, Antonio! She is marrying him to divert attention from a scandal involving Antonio’s little sister. Their marriage is one of convenience and she knows Antonio will never love her. Why does that thought make her heart ache?

The Wedding in White

It is McKenzie who consoles Natalie at Age 17 when the devastating news of her boyfriend's death strikes her. Seemingly indifferent to her until then, her older neighbor makes her lose herself with a strong embrace and a hot stirring kiss! That one kiss leaves her in a shock as if her entired body has been seared with his seal. Then he says, "Don't forget. I am going to show you what comes next."