Irresistible seduction from the most dangerous man...


Abby fell in love with Nick, a millionaire, and they got married, but her happiness didn’t last long. She faced a cold bed, rumors about his relationship with an actress and his secret connection with his secretary...but she still loved him. When Abby joyfully told him she was pregnant, he unexpectedly pushed her away and said he didn't want it or her. He divorced her and didn’t even acknowledge the child. It has been four years since that dark, sad time in Abby’s life. Now Nick has appeared and is asking for a reconciliation. What does he want? Abby wants to refuse, but she feels like she’s been captured by his gaze...

The Millionaire's Secret Wish

Alisa has always been with Dylan for as long as she can remember-she gave him her first kiss as a teenager and, later, her virginity. But when Alisa finds Dylan bedding another woman, his cruel betrayal devastates her and she brings a sad end to their long-term relationship. At her worst, an accident befalls her. When Alisa wakes up, she has lost every bit of memory related to Dylan! This is the final story of a high-profile miniseries, Million-Dollar Men, which depicts the romances of self-made millionaires.


When her mother, the mistress of a multimillionaire, passes away, Belle worries about how she’ll raise her little half siblings. Then the multimillionaire’s oldest son, Cristo Ravelli, appears. Belle feels bashful when faced with his fine features and sinfully beautiful eyes, but her heart freezes the instant she hears his proposal. He coldly commands her to put the children up for adoption and end all ties with the Ravelli family. Belle was desperately trying to protect her young family, but Cristo hid ulterior motives behind his beautiful eyes. He will only look after the children, he says, if Belle becomes his wife…


Ashley lives on a small island off the coast of Florida that her late father left to her. One weekend, a mysterious man named Sebastian comes to the island. Unable to resist this rough, charismatic man, Ashley spends many nights with him… Soon after he leaves the island, she learns that a large corporation has taken the island as payment for her debt. The president of that company is none other than Sebastian himself. Ashley goes to confront him and beg for her island back. He consents…but only if she becomes his lover for a month!


Shaun, her grandfather’s love-child, appears in front of Philippa’s family on the day of her grandfather’s funeral to seek his revenge. And as the newfound heir, he claims all of her grandfather’s inheritanceHe offers to keep Philippa’s father out of jail by paying back all the money he embezzled, but there’s a catch—Philippa must become Shaun’s bride!


It’s been six months since she inherited her late husband’s fortune, and Neve has been struggling with her fourteen-year-old stepdaughter, Hannah, ever since. One night Neve almost gets lost in a snowstorm while running after Hannah, but she’s determined to keep going until she finds her. Suddenly a beautiful godlike man comes to rescue her. He calls himself Severo, and he carries her into a nearby house when Neve tries to continue her mission to rescue Hannah in the storm. They end up trapped by the snow and must spend the night together… What will become of Hannah? And what will happen between Severo and Neve?