Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We recommended some Harlequin Manga about Christmas!
Wishing these Romance stories will bring so much happiness for you.


As soon as I told him I was pregnant, he left me. Since then, Gwen had been raising her three-month-old daughter by herself while attending college. With Christmas just around the corner, she was able to get a short-term job as a secretary to Andrew Teaberry, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of a major global corporation. On her first day at work, Gwen couldn't help but notice the attractive man with dark eyes and hair who showed up at the farm where they will be working. She had already given up on dreams, but her heart was beating fast...


Andrea and her baby are fleeing from her husband when she is attacked by a stranger. She wakes up at the hospital and finds out that Flynn, a Texas Ranger, has saved her and her baby. But she’s worried that her husband hired someone to attack her, so Flynn suggests she and the child stay with him. She takes him up on the kind offer but senses there’s a deep sorrow residing in his heart…


Looking to start over, Ashleigh leaves her home in Australia and arrives in London. Though she finds a job as a maid, she has no money for a place to stay. The owner of the house she cleans, a Greek billionaire named Lukas, will be out of town on a business trip until after Christmas. Surely it will be fine to stay there…or so she thinks. However, Lukas comes home early and finds her! Ashleigh is afraid he’ll report her to the police, but instead he offers her a deal. She can continue to live there so long as she pretends to be his girlfriend!


Zeke, a successful man in show business, scouted talented dancer Melody and it was love at first sight. Their future together was supposed to be bright, but an unexpected accident turns their lives upside down. With Melody’s legs seriously injured, she’s afraid she can no longer live up to her husband’s expectations. So she decides to flee from the hospital and disappear into a world without Zeke. But he isn’t going to let her get away that easily!


Flo is visiting a foreign country to attend the wedding of her best friend. While there, she runs into a man she once had a one-night stand with, Prince Hazin. But he’d coldly left her after their blissful night together and she swore she’d never be made a fool of like that again. Her heart still pounds when she sees him. Will he be as cold as ever toward her? Or is there something more between them?


It’s the day of the company Christmas party. The boring and late bloomer Katie mustered the courage to kiss the man dressed up as Santa Claus. He gently holds her in his arms and passionately kisses her back. She wonders if it’s possible Are they really on the same page? The next day, however, he’s cold to her. It’s almost as if nothing happened. Katie’s bewildered, but then she learns the shocking truth. The man who she kissed was actually the crude, unsteady company playboy, Bryan. He’s the one person at the company that she wanted nothing to do with!


Joy, a single mother and editor, is told on Christmas Eve that she's being fired from her job.  The only way for her to possibly save her job would be to convince a certain children's book author who has hit a slump to write a new book.  She immediately heads for the rural town where the writer was born and shockingly runs into her ex-husband who she hasn't seen in eight months! Joy still has feelings for him and they're swept away by their romantic reunion and drown themselves in a passionate night.  Was this a sweet dream given to her by Santa?  The next morning her momentary drunkenness wears off by the time she awakens.  When she hears the reason why Ryan has come to this town, her face goes pale...


Max is the CEO of a big company. His sister and niece are coming over for Christmas this year. He urgently needs someone to deliver Christmas to his home, but his secretary has plans of her own. Her cousin, Sophie, agrees to help out, as she was afraid to spend Christmas all by herself for the first time. At first, Sophie is annoyed by Max's negative attitude toward Christmas, but she begins to realize that it's his way of hiding his painful past. She becomes attracted to him, but how can she make him see that?


Molly, a hardworking housekeeper, has a crush on Salvio, a wealthy Italian who’s visiting the mansion she works in. She believes he would never be interested in her…until he kisses her on a whim! She decides to give in to passion and enjoys a carefree night with him, but she never could’ve predicted his reaction when she winds up pregnant!