These Manga are sometimes Sweet, Fun, and sometimes Erotic♪

Agou and His Curse

Narcissistic Seiiji Agou believed that no other beauty could move his heart until he accidentally ran into the gentle and charming Narumi Maimoto. Maimoto hinted that they would meet again, but before that happens Agou suddenly got cursed by a girl stalker! Not knowing what his curse is, Agou walked to the class and met Maimoto who just got transferred. However, he does not seem to recognize Agou’s face even though they met only yesterday! Annoyed Agou walked to the bathroom only to realize that he had lost his precious beauty. Well, thankfully he doesn't turn "ugly" in everyone’s eyes, just in the eyes of the subject of his affection. Eh? Does that mean.. Love is beautiful, but it doesn't have to be beautiful to be Love! “Agou and his curse” is undeniably an adorable youthful BL that would make your heart flutters!

Our House Love Trouble

Young college student Nonohiko is faced with a dilemma: his super-cheap college dorm has been closed down! But, he finally finds an all-male share house. The beautiful landlady (actually a cross-dressing guy) only approves hot men as residents, but Nonohiko somehow manages to meet this strange requirement. Moving day brings a mix of fear and anticipation. A man in fashionable glasses, who lives in the share house, invites Nonohiko into the bath, only to mistake him for someone who provides "special services"...! An innocent rom-com that springs from the personality gap between a flirty, bespectacled CEO and a pure-hearted college student!

Your Wish is My Command

Takeru, the only son of Yakuza family, has one problem: Although he's already a college student, he's still being treated as a child by his minder, Naruse. From home to campus, to even toilet! Naruse never backed down. So Takeru decided to turn his minder's overcaring into a weakness he can exploit, so without any further resistance, he asked Naruse to do something pervert. But why did Takeru is the one who feels uncontrollably horny?! "Your wish is my command" is a run-and-chase passionate relationship between master-servant that would leave you attached while holding excessive laugh.

Every Morning at 8

"Every Morning at 8" is a compilation of five sweet romantic BL that will grace your simple and peaceful morning! 1. Trouble Train The innocent high school student, Sano falls in love with a good-looking salaryman he meets every morning. But he was caught red-handed by the older crush when trying to steal a picture of his sleeping face... Sano's feeling is at stake, even though he hasn't even confessed yet! 2. Behind Closed Doors Kawamura has an eternal suspicion towards the top earner in the sales division, Aizawa, who seems so careless and unreliable but can always get his contract signed! Rumour said it has a connection with Alcohol, so Kawamura worried that those pervert clients might take advantage on him, but the truth behind the closed door is... 3. Dr. Aoyama Perverted Therapist As a professional therapist, Dr. Aoyama sometimes has to resist his desire when treating patients, but it seems like the defenseless Takahashi has a special spell on him. 4. My Visions Betray Me Nomura has a weird quirk that enables him to have a vision of the opposite of what will happen. For example, if he saw a vision of someone hating him, that means the person is actually in love with him. So when he consistently has a naughty vision with Sato, the handsome co-worker, does that mean his love will certainly be hopeless? Or... 5. Their Circumstances Two most popular male students in the university, Yuki, and Tetsuya never interact at all before. Until suddenly Tetsuya, the womanizer, approaches Yuki endlessly! As a gay man, Yuki never cares for someone like Tetsuya, but.. maybe there are always exceptional circumstances, isn't it?

Touch Me, Please: I'll be waiting in the 8th car at 7:45 every morning

Every morning, Matsui finds it sexually satisfying to get molested in the train. One day, a good-looking underclassman, Aizaki, happens to see him getting molested...Aizaki asks him, "can I molest you tomorrow onward?" Since that day, Aizaki's intense molesting begun with Aizaki verbally abusing him, using sex toys, and teasing. "What are you doing making a mess in a train, Senpai?" What is going to happen to Matsui with Aizaki's molesting play that gets harder and harder everyday?

The Job Of A (Temporary) Teacher

A Job of A Temporary Teacher (Main Story): Determined and enthusiastic university student, Takuma Inumaru, has returned to his old high school as a student teacher. Despite his efforts to get along with the students and teachers at this school, smart and aloof student, Seiya Kizaki finds Inumaru-sensei as more of an annoyance than a figure of authority. Inumaru-sensei will have to handle this troublesome student but it proves to be a bigger challenge when Kizaki's sadistic tendencies are unleashed on him.・A Relationship of Absolute Service: One night, while out drinking with the Badminton club, Migamo kisses fellow club member Tanishi in front of everyone as a "joke." Before this, Migamo noticed his gaze was always set upon Tanishi but never really understood why. Convincing himself he holds no ulterior motives, he will use his "good junior" act to get closer to Tanishi.

Welcome! To the BL Research Club

Not being able to pay his living expense, Sato, a poor college student turned to Kaname and Hata's help. They offered him an easy job with extravagant pay. Satou jumped in without asking for more details... And of course, it is not ended up well since he actually has to become an experiment subject for secret yaoi research! From anal expansion, nipple play, to S&M experiment⁠—Sato is slowly drowning to the BL swamp without knowing what his best friends actually plan...