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Class Reincarnation

Bullying in this world, a notice of "no job" at the reincarnation site...... Yu runs away from the village alone with despair. Rise from the worst situation! The story of a boy's reincarnation begins!

The Lady With an Elegant Smile

Reizera was on the verge of breaking off her engagement, and at the same time bad rumors were spreading about her family's wine farm. But one day, a duke's son asks her to marry him, she starts the life of LADY‥‥

I reincarnated as a villain of an RPG, But I Want to Survive

The protagonist reincarnated into the world of an RPG he always played in his previous life. While living there, he realized he didn’t simply reincarnate into this RPG world. To avoid the catastrophic end, the reincarnated protagonist will use his game knowledge from his previous life to fight against the normal game route.