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Deep Sea, Dangerous Love

Xuan Qiancao, the daughter of a guilty official has been taunted, bullied, and isolated by her peers. However, she falls for Chen Tongxue – a famous figure in the Grand College after being helped by him. They say "love is blind", and Tontgxue is willing to do anything for him, but what awaits was an arrow discharged by her beloved.

Mejaz Jade of the World

A marriage alliance between two influential magical families was made, turning Mo Yan and Xuanyuan Yu a married couple. But during the night of their consummation, Mo Yan was ruthless in his words after overhearing a rumor about his wife being in love with another person. He thought she'd be fuming mad, but she wasn't worked up at all. It made him taken aback instead!

Miss Revenge's Counterattack

The love story of a modern age girl and the Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt across thousands of years... After time traveling to 3100 BC, Mi Xi Yao accidentally ended up meeting the young and vivacious Pharaoh using the identity of his fiancee. Drawn into the tide of history in the mystical age of myths and legends, Mi Xi Yao witnessed as Egypt came into unification under Menes's rule. "It's time for me to return...

Monarch's Most Beloved Little Princess

Her parents and baby died a brutal death. Her kindness earned her nothing but the vicious schemes of her husband and eldest sister. The hatred can only be returned in blood! When she resurrects in her new life, her former husband becomes a tough enemy for hers! Who will she choose? The aloof prince who is scheming, the young aristocrat who shares lots in common, or the young general who has had a crush on her since childhood? In this life, she wants to kill her enemies with her own hands, and also enjoy a bright future.

My Book of Destiny

I woke up to find myself reincarnated as a princess, yet to my surprise, I was disliked by the monarch and was set up by my bastard sister. I thought I had run into my true love, yet he turned out to be a reborn person who is out to get revenge on me! How can I turn the tables and become the monarch's most beloved little princess?

The Apple of Pharaoh's Eye

When the book of destiny can depict and change the future, when the characters in the book become real people, the comic world and the real world have overlapped since then! Yvette Luo, an ordinary female college student, is about to experience something unprecedented and embark on an adventurous journey... The hidden cartoonist, the comic characters with extraordinary power, the overbearing young master, and the mysterious female killer, who on earth represents justice, and who is evil?

The Brightest Martial Star in the World

After Diana Yin went back from studying abroad, she found that her mother died, her father's mistress became the female head of the Yin Family and her father's illegitimate son became the heir of the Yin Corporation. They forced Diana to a arranged marriage. Diana refused but was framed and disfigured by her stepmother. No choice but revenge!

Unparalleled Beauty - The Way Back to the Palace

"It's her against the world. She's a martial arts world champion. He's a top celebrity. But when she's accidentally reincarnated as his fiancée, she becomes the most hated girl by his fans who's shrouded by a dark past! Even if the world is against her, Lin Fan vows to never give up."