Omnibus stories of people who are driven to wild eros and love by the strange disease! PHS (Pheromone Hypersecretion Syndrome) causes sexual arousal in those who are attracted to the patients regardless of their gender. And the intensity of the symptoms increases in proportion to their affection. “Patients are advised to take precautions to stay chaste.” What happens to a businessman who is afraid of a lunch delivery man because of his passionate eyes ? What does a normal guy who uses PHS for his rampant relationships with women do when another guy is sexually aroused by his pheromone? Do the researchers of the medicine who themselves becomes trial participants discover anything useful (apart from their love)? Hilarious and vehement love stories unleashed by the strange disease, PHS! Maybe without medicines next time...

Please Let Me Be Your Sheep!

How can this cutting-edge bedroom robot technology feel this real!!? Amiable-but-broke office worker Mr. Baba finds himself in financial trouble after ordering an expensive adult toy one drunken night. Luckily, his friend hooks him up with a lucrative part-time job as a ”test subject” for ”comfort” robots! Of course, he likes that kind of stuff, but what will he be doing exactly...? Upon nervously approaching the research facility, Mr. Baba meets a beautiful, bespectacled (male) researcher...

Mimori's Naughty Mouth

“Do you feel it inside your mouth? ...During the treatment, it was erected all the time, right?” Mimori, a businessman’s largest secret is that 【his mouth is his erogenous zone】. He had been avoiding dentists all his life, but suddenly his wisdom tooth starts to hurt. He felt pleasure during the treatment when the dentist fiddled inside his mouth, and he can’t keep down his voice and erection...! As he blushes from embarrassment, the Doctor tells him, “Shall I help you?” and suddenly kisses him! His slacks are undone and he felt the tongue slither on his hot excitement...

Liar Mate: Let That Scent Soak Deep Inside

I'll sleep with you until you can't take anymore; until you're soaked with my scent... Akari is an omega despised even by his own family as useless, since he never had his first heat even after becoming an adult. However, one day, the alpha Shinji appears before him and claims he wants Akari to be his mate. Using drugs to force him into heat, Shinji has his way with Akari, now soaking wet, countless times. "Ah! ...Something's... coming!" Though Akari's body was yet immature, Shinji awakens the lust within him…

I Only Want to Sleep With my Doctor.

“Ahh, no… If this goes any further…!” – General physician Dr. Uzuki nurses businessman Natsume, who suffers from insomnia, back to health after he collapses right in front of him. Suddenly, Natsume suddenly embraces him while he’s half-asleep!? As they’re on the bed, Natsume gently nibbles Uzuki’s neck, uses one of his large hands to toy with the bumps on his chest, and then slides it down into his pants… Doctor Uzuki is being made to cum by a younger guy he’s never met before today!! Furthermore, when Natsume wakes up, he requests something truly outrageous: “Please sleep with me, Doctor”.

Dream Guy Drinks a Love Potion and Goes Wild!

“You want to do it with me, don’t you?” Maoka, a serious businessman who doesn’t express a lot of emotions on his face, finds solace in drinking coffee poured for him by the handsome barista at the coffee shop nearby, Botan. He stops by Botan’s shop after work on his way home and is given a “love potion” by a lady he helped on the street. He gives the love potion to Botan on the spur of the moment, and all of a sudden Botan’s face is turned into that of a ravenous beast on the prowl for him!? “Does that feel good, Maoka?” Just like that, Botan kissed him deeply, took off his clothes, and was filling him with pleasure deep inside his body…! A love story full of hot guy pheromones.

A Callboy’s Secret

Shiina’s an omega, but his heat symptoms are miraculously mild which enables him to hide his identity and work in Hotel Aureole. His goal is to become a concierge and bring a smile to guests’ faces with his work. One day, Toujou, an exceptionally skilled chief concierge, appears in Aureole. He’s rumored to be outstanding even among alphas. When he meets Shiina, the boy experiences an exceptionally intense heat! Unable to bear the onslaught of pleasure, Shiina ends up in bed with Toujou, marveling at the fact that he’s having sex with someone he’s always admired.

Dangerous Drugs of Sex

“I’ll find all of your most sensitive spots.” Makoto Katsuragi, a man working for an advertising agency, has so far led a perfect private and work life. However, that all comes crashing down in an instant when he loses everything he holds dear. In the midst of his despair, he drunkenly climbs onto the ledge of a tall building and is about to jump, when… “If you’re going to throw away your life…let me have it.” He is saved by these words offered by the sudden appearance of Ryuji Yoden, and decides to do exactly as Ryuji says. From the moment Makoto awakens in Ryuji’s room, his daily life of retraining begins, giving away not only his body, but his heart…

Unparalleled Love Potion: My Big Brother's Aiming for My Virginity!?

You're my cute younger brother… I'll make you feel even better. Because of a love potion, my brother became a stud devoted only to me. He attacks me whenever and wherever…!