Zen and Ryo have been rivals since high school. By chance, they get jobs in the same company and start competing against each other. Both are sore losers. And one day, when they are having drinks after work, the topic turns to love and romance and the argument gets heated as usual, only to find out that they have a silly competition to see who will cum first is the loser. That naturally leads to the intercourse but still disputing on the bed, they come up with the next new competition...whoever makes the other fall first is the winner! Both are good at business but too bad at love, what will become of Zen and Ryo’s love competition !?

Cosmetic Playlover

Beauty consultant Natsume Mamiya is forced to work as a pair with Touma Sahashi, his junior. On top of everything, Touma — who has no respect for his work or for Natsume — has usurped his throne as the top seller! One day, Touma finds out Natsume is gay and uses this to his advantage in a power-play, coercing Natsume to become his friend with benefits! Enjoy the behind-the-scenes of the hottest cosmetics counter ever, and prepare to swoon! The extra story and bonus chapter feature even more sensual kissing... and a secret, steamy hookup scene!

The Two Sides of an Envious Heart

“I can’t believe this is your first time. You’re a natural, sir.” Perfect in every way from looks, personality, and work ethic, salaryman Shirosawa’s team leader Kurotake has got him beat. But when they happen to match on an anonymous gay hookup app, Shirosawa’s got the chance to find his weak spots. What starts as some light teasing leads to Shirosawa unraveling the tightly-wound Kurotake in bed…and maybe one night of pent-up jealousy and chemistry between one laid-back office worker and his no-nonsense superior can turn into something more?

Who’s Going To Win This Competition!?

Kurokawa desperately wants his college kendo team to win the team competition. Every day, he pesters Kazuha, his biggest rival from high school, to join the team.Kazuha keeps turning him down, but unable to give up, Kurokawa challenges Kazuna to a match. If Kurokawa wins, Kazuha has to join the team.Kazuha easily beats Kurokawa, and now Kurokawa has to do what Kazuha wants. And what Kazuha wants is to be spanked!The usually arrogant and snobby Kazuha is into some really kinky stuff!Kurokawa sees another side of Kazuha he's never seen before.Kazuha might just get the better of Kurokawa if he lets his guard down!

Our Gamble in Bed

Shu goes to a bar to find a partner for a one night stand. There, to his surprise, he finds his arch-rival from high school, Reiji.Having a grudge against him, Shu lures Reiji to a hotel to get a kick out of him. Although he wants Reiji to get down on his knees and beg him for a good time, neither of them wants to be controlled by the other!!Reiji offers a bet and...!? To prey or be preyed on, the naughty battle begins!

Those Sexy Eyes Make Me Cum

I won't stop until you're humiliated. I'll definitely make you come! I get aroused when I look in his eyes!? My body heats up all on its own. It's mortifying, but… it sure feels good…!

Song of Our Beginning

"I will catch you one day. As an actor... and as a man!" shouted the newcomer actor Kairi Higa to the genius stage director Seiji Mimasaka. Both of them had been arguing a lot in practices, but such a strong feeling towards each other is probably similar to... "love". Behind the curtain, this battle of men's pride is finally got obstructed by their own irresistible temptation... This volume includes 2 other stories: Let me hold you It has been ten years since we've become lovers, but why, my beautiful and eccentric lover suddenly wanted to call it a quit?! No one has ever cheated or been mean. The only thing that has changed from the first days we were together was just... we've become too close! Another Sleepless Night Nana and Tetsuya have been friends for ages. But recently Nana is very troubled with how popular Tetsuya becomes after he started modeling. Nana really hates himself when he got jealous, so he really needs to make his feelings clear this time... if only that Tetsuya is not this air-headed!