Totally exhausted from many days overtime work, Naoto Kuroiwa, advertisement salesman (as well as a corporate slave) goes to Kishibe Chiropractic Lab following his colleague’s recommendation. It has high reputation and the doctor, Kazuma Kishibe is a young handsome man of the same age with Kuroiwa. With his too much friendliness and proactivity, Kuroiwa is overwhelmed first, but the technique of chiropractic is fantastic and he feels too good like in heaven. “I’ll make you…feel so good that you’ll positively melt.” Skillful handlings and accurate finger pressures make him sleep until next morning. Kuroiwa starts going to the lab but the doctor’s treatment becomes more and more sexually aroused and at the same time, Kuroiwa feels more and more unable to resist as if his body has been changed from deep inside. When he finds that Kishibe avoids touching his right shoulder where he injured at the baseball team in his youth, Kishibe’s true character begins to show up.

Our Secretary's Bedroom Affairs

He left love behind, and using his body was the only way to connect he knew.
A loving, loyal doggy-like top wants to save a debauched upper-class secretary and teach him how to love.
Saeko Mikuni, a secretary to the president of a major trading company, is rumored to have more real power than his boss, and to turn into a slut at night.
One day, on a whim, Mikuni takes on the responsibility of cleaning up the mess made by Teppei Natsume, a hot-blooded big dog-like rookie who has just joined the company.
He intends to do it with his specialty: sexual entertainment for his bosses or important clients.
It was supposed to be a secret, but Natsume catches him in the act.
Mikuni, to avoid any trouble, tries to seduce him, but Natsume senses the sadness in Mikuni's eyes and reaches out to him: "I want to save you"...

I Only Want to Sleep With my Doctor.

“Ahh, no… If this goes any further…!” – General physician Dr. Uzuki nurses businessman Natsume, who suffers from insomnia, back to health after he collapses right in front of him. Suddenly, Natsume suddenly embraces him while he’s half-asleep!? As they’re on the bed, Natsume gently nibbles Uzuki’s neck, uses one of his large hands to toy with the bumps on his chest, and then slides it down into his pants… Doctor Uzuki is being made to cum by a younger guy he’s never met before today!! Furthermore, when Natsume wakes up, he requests something truly outrageous: “Please sleep with me, Doctor”.

Because You're Shy at Night

"Because You're Shy at Night" is a compilation book of Haruna Takayama's cute and heart thumping BL manga! Sleep Next To Me Tonight: Sonoyama is a hard-working salaryman that had forgotten how to enjoy life since his parents died and he had to take care of his two little brothers. One morning, he unexpectedly woke up in his Boss’s bed. Terrified of being fired, Sonoyama dashed out from the house. But why can the insomniac Sonoyama can sleep so well beside the conceited and kinda-sadistic Boss? Noisy Days of Life: Tsuji had to take over his grandfather dormitory as a manager. His days are quite dull compared to his previous office job, but the existence of one tenant, Minami made his days livelier. Can Tsuji take a high-schooler’s love-at-first-sight confession as a serious proposal? I’m no match for my Kouhai: Wakamiya has been asking his genius and handsome Kohai, Yoshikawa, to teach him so he can move up to the next grade. But whenever they start a study session, they always ended up sleeping together. Wakamiya decided to focus more on studying and stop having sex with his Kohai, but one day he happened to hear Yoshikawa’s actual motive... Pleasure me with your hands: Nao and Narikawa entered one of the most prestigious salons, Tibella in the same year. But only Narikawa has already promoted to a professional hairdresser. Nao doesn’t deny that Narikawa has it all—looks, talent, and well, his fingers are super attractive—and that’s also exactly why he has a feeling for him. But his insecurity made him avoiding Narikawa instead of approaching him... And Narikawa's reaction is...? Man Pleasure x Man Friends: Katori has always been hiding his feeling towards the most popular co-worker, Suga. The already-unrequited love hurts more deeply when Suga said he hates Katori’s glasses. But When his glasses accidentally falls on one occasion, why did Suga show a very different attitude towards Katori? Is it more than just about the glasses?

The Man Who Shattered My World

Tachibana is a top and loves cute and slender men. But, just when he thought he wanted to try something different, he meets Kuzumi.
Tachibana believes him when he says he's a bottom, and they go to a hotel room together. When he finally realizes there's something strange going on, Kuzumi tells him with a devilish smile: "I like to turn guys like you into bitches on heat..."
The merciless pleasure received from a suddenly changed man... it doesn't take long for Tachibana to let go of his reason.
Top x top BL love story swaying between pride and desire!

Mimori's Naughty Mouth

“Do you feel it inside your mouth? ...During the treatment, it was erected all the time, right?” Mimori, a businessman’s largest secret is that 【his mouth is his erogenous zone】. He had been avoiding dentists all his life, but suddenly his wisdom tooth starts to hurt. He felt pleasure during the treatment when the dentist fiddled inside his mouth, and he can’t keep down his voice and erection...! As he blushes from embarrassment, the Doctor tells him, “Shall I help you?” and suddenly kisses him! His slacks are undone and he felt the tongue slither on his hot excitement...