Heaven and Demon

High School teacher, Aoki is reluctant to go to the infirmary. Because he does not like the doctor there, Mr. Tengoku for no reason. But one day, he is forced to pay a visit to talk about a student who often skips class there. At the first contact, Tengoku easily sees through Aoki’s nature of disguising an exemplary teacher, and smiles mysteriously. Tengoku tells him that he has been watching Aoki ever since he is assigned to this school. While discussing about the student, Tengoku points out the naivety of Aoki, and then gives him a kiss all of sudden. In his embarrassment, Aoki is unable to refuse at that moment. Later on, he remembers his childhood memories and starts to see his true self. What awaits for the timid teacher, Aoki? In the end, is he in heaven or hell?

I Want to Spoil Ikuro-san (43 y.o.)

The stoic guy in the black suit is a dork who likes sweets? As a manager in a fancy cake cafe "Kuma Purin," I was told that liking manly things does not suit me. One day, this mysterious man with eyes like a killer came in front of my shop... It turned out he is a total opposite of myself!

Yesterday Was Fun,Wasn't It

Samejima is a cafe owner who would sleep with anyone who has a pretty face. One day, Natsuki, a part-timer waiter at the cafe who is in love with Samejima, comes across and finds Samejima being pushed down by a man he doesn't know…

No one’s perfect

38-year-old businessman Masami has the best boyfriend in the world.Tora’s tall,built,and super hot! More than anything,he’s incredibly kind.It’s no wonder Masami relies on him so much.He even has four other boyfriends besides Tora,but Tora doesn’t seem to mind. He always welcomes Masami with a warm smile and a gentle kiss. But,what if Tora has other guys on the side,too...?Is that why he’s so ”understanding” about Masami’s other lovers? Read on to find out...!!

Crystal Harem

The stoic detective gets swayed by a beautiful young man! This is a hard-boiled erotic love story between Yajima, a serious detective, and Ryo, a mysterious young man. They first got involved in an unsolved murder case. Yajima considered Ryo a nuisance but when he cried in his arms, Yajima could not resist to hold him. Tied up and dominated by his complicated past, can Ryo finally have a happy future with Yajima? "Crystal Harem" series revolves around the lustful relationship of Yajima and Ryo which frequently interrupted by the criminal happenings around them.

Teacher, Teacher!

Yuge is an English teacher who lived abroad when he was younger. He happens to meet his coworker, Yoshii, in town, and falls in love at first sight! Thanks to Yuge’s persistence, they’re now going out. However, Yoshii’s little brother, Yuu, is always getting in their way. To make matters worse, Kamishiro, an old acquaintance from college, is also keeping them busy. On top of that, Yoshii gets the wrong idea about Yuge’s relationship with Kamishiro!! Then Yuge receives a meaningful text message with a video from Yoshii, who appears to be in a hotel with another man. Is this the end for Yuge...!? This volume also contains a story about the adult love life of two lawyers. This is the first volume of Mutsu’s manga, filled with teachers and other highly skilled professionals!


Taira, a staff at a men-only members SM Club, is asked by the No.1 player to play punishments on the criminal who has been stalking him. Taira is neither an S nor a player and reluctantly challenges to play, but the frightened and timid-looking young stalker Tatsuki, still in college, accepts Taira’s play in order to change his bad communication skills and cowardness… In addition to the title story, the collection also includes spin-off stories about the romance of the “No.1 Queen Player” and the “Muscle Maiden Owner.”