Can love between a Vampire and human? Find out how these beautiful love stories unfold!

It Begins with Goodbye

Kei Kurosu, the ordinary office worker, is a being that feeds from humans' life force. Since men with strong libido have stronger life forces, usually he also sleeps with them. One day, Kei bumped into a handsome mixed-race hotel owner, Shou, who suddenly took Kei to his room and said, "I've finally found you again. It has been 20 years since the time you left our house and tell me to find you". Despite Kei having no memory about that promise at all, Shou keeps pursuing him and his body! For some reason, Kei could not use his memory modification on Shou. Moreover, he started getting addicted to Shou's taste... What actually happened in their past? Will the love born between these two different beings last forever?

Twilight Vows

After graduating from college, Rachel is returning to her hometown. She’d lost her parents when she was young, and when she was still a child, her aunt and uncle decided to murder her for the insurance money. Fortunately, a beautiful man saved her life, promising her that she was not alone, that she had him. The man shared his name with a legendary vampire from the area, and when she grew up, Rachel decided she would seek out the enigmatic man who’d saved her life.

The Vampire and the Virgin Rose

In a world where mankind and vampires live side-by-side, Yayoi can't ignore his feelings for his classmate, Chitose. Chitose is a pure-blooded vampire. Those feelings soon turn to action as the vampire makes it perfectly clear he sees right through Yayoi.Chitose insists that all they're doing is feeding, but the slow, gentle touch of his tongue, the care with which his fangs pierce Yayoi's skin and the warmth of his embrace suggest otherwise...


After her parents died, Tara was able to continue only because of her little sister, Charlene. And then, a year ago, she lost Charlene, too. She was murdered by the coldhearted Gavin Deveroux. And what’s harder to believe is that, according to witnesses and her sister’s diary, he’s a vampire! Though she has her doubts, Tara finally confirms the truth at her sister’s memorial service when the man himself shows up. No human could possibly be as beautiful as this man, and in that moment Tara completely forgot about her plan for revenge!

Kiss My Blood

Attractive and mysterious. Shima Inoue enslaves all the students at school with his unique pheromones. He has a secret. It's that he's a vampire. If Shima sucks your blood, you become a slave to the pleasure... Knowing that he's a vampire, high school teacher and childhood friend Tetsu Koiwai looks after him. He made a firm promise not to suck human blood, but something happens, and Shima starts sucking Tetsu's blood every night...! A vampire and a teacher's sweet, dangerous, bloody love.


Colonel Willem Stone is taken behind enemy lines and there endures savage torture to protect his friends. Yet something mysterious happens to him whenever he’s at the limit of his pain tolerance… It’s as if his soul leaves his body and visits a mysterious woman in an ancient land. Her name is Sarafina. She has strong spiritual powers and is able to sense Will’s presence—the two of them form a strong bond. But then Sarafina is transformed into a powerful vampire who never ages… Stay tuned as a unique and mythical romance blossoms!


The world turns its back on Morgan when her director father and Hollywood starlet mother die in a car crash. She seeks refuge in a oceanfront mansion to recover, and continues working toward her dream as a screenwriter until one day, she finds a stack of old diaries. She's entranced by their author, a young man named Dante, and his mysterious and beautiful adventures. Using his words as inspiration, she turns his stories into a screenplay, and slowly begins to truly feel his presence in the house, until one night, he seems to appear...?

Vampire in Love

Tsukasa is a nice, good-looking guy, but he’s actually a vampire. However, he’s afraid of blood, and causes Akari all kinds of problems. Then she hears something shocking from Tsukasa’s father: If Tsukasa doesn’t awake to his duty and life as a vampire, he must be erased from existence! For his sake, she decides to offer him her own blood for the first time, but he suddenly becomes sadistic and his ___ becomes so forceful...! She feels like she might break apart! Don’t miss this dangerous relationship with a vampire!


The screenplay Morgan wrote based on the old diaries she found in her attic becomes a box office hit. She's overjoyed until she learns that Dante, the author of the diaries and the keeper of a dark secret has become the target of an assassination attempt as a result of her success. He confronts Morgan, who has become so enamored of him that she can't help but protect him, even at the cost of her own life… and the two become bound by a tie that cannot be broken. "I'll be your ally, even when the world has become your enemy..."


Yuria has always found the existence of the sales department’s ace, Agatsuma, to be a thorn in her side. Despite always giving her all to be the top of the department, she loses to him every time. However, if she can successfully pull off this next venture, being the department’s top salesgirl may no longer be a dream! With this aim in mind, she decides to do overtime right up until the last train, but encounters a fallen Agatsuma wearing an expression as though on the verge of death. He admits to being a vampire, and begs her to give him her blood. When she allows him a taste, Yuria’s body grows hot, overwhelmed with arousal...