Yaoi Manga Collection

The Teijo Academy

Follow the story of Haruta, who just wants to support his ex Nachi, and so enrols in Teijo Academy. The "Academy" part isn't just a name; it's complete with all the trappings of the upper classes. There's even an Elite Four, who each excel at a different virtue: moral uprightness, along with physical, academic, and artistic ability. As the next in line in a family of politicians spanning generations, Haruta's partner Nachi is expected to also venture into the political world, and so to make this happen he breaks up with Haruta and enters Teijo Academy to follow in his father's footsteps. Despite having broken up with Nachi, Haruta follows him to Teijo, hoping to support him in his political endeavors. But Teijo Academy is for elites, where Haruta's sense of what is normal doesn't apply...

Our House Love Trouble

Young college student Nonohiko is faced with a dilemma: his super-cheap college dorm has been closed down! But, he finally finds an all-male share house. The beautiful landlady (actually a cross-dressing guy) only approves hot men as residents, but Nonohiko somehow manages to meet this strange requirement. Moving day brings a mix of fear and anticipation. A man in fashionable glasses, who lives in the share house, invites Nonohiko into the bath, only to mistake him for someone who provides "special services"...! An innocent rom-com that springs from the personality gap between a flirty, bespectacled CEO and a pure-hearted college student!

Welcome Home

Here's to every day being filled with bliss and laughter. Welcome to the family. Masaki lives as a househusband in the Fujiyoshi household with his loving trophy husband and breadwinner Hiromu and their two-year old Hikari, who is too cute for his own damn good. Full of doubt, the support of his family in their day-to-day lives carries Masaki through to a place of accepting himself for who he is. A feeling, family-oriented BL between a Mr Right and a male beauty who feels like he doesn't size up. Embracing the good times and the bad, all to be a better today than they were yesterday.

A Future With You

Monster customers, a boss who takes no responsibility, nonchalant coworkers, unreasonable departments… Food company customer support worker Tokura has racked up daily stress. One day after a stress induced meltdown, cleaning staff Keita offers himself up. “How about me?” While at first he can’t imagine taking out his frustration on the self-described hardcore masochist, his pent-up anger incites him to sin. Drunk off of the pleasure of domination, Tokura begins to search for more sources of stress in order to have sex with Keita...

Will You Marry Me?

Kairi Sasaki, an omega, is a newbie employee working at a marriage counseling company. His problems lie in his client—the handsome alpha, Haruomi Jinguuji—who doesn't seriously look for a marriage partner. What's more troubling is that this elite tries to make advances at him at every opportunity! Now, will Kairi be able to make Haruomi marry someone...?!

Not Fated

"Even if it's hopeless, I'm not gonna give up! No matter how many times I get rejected or how much I get hurt, I won't stop feeling this way!" So says the bright and optimistic university student, Shizuku Suguya, about the man that got him out of a spat of trouble: Masataka Kizaki. Shizuku feels it's fate. He tests the waters at the production company that Masataka manages but is turned away without even being able to speak to him. Determined to make it happen, Shizuku then attemps to stand in for a model in a commercial who is taking a day off from illness... A story between a handsome company president with a traumatic past and a stubbornly-driven newcomer model.

Your Love Belongs to Me

"Like I'd ever have the hots for a gorilla!" It's war between Karate and Judo as their respective club leaders Ishio and Mochizuki sling insults at each other one minute and horny for each other the next. Ishio's pure-hearted and hot-tempered. Mochizuki is a decent guy but rough around the edges. Every day of their lives brings another fight over the cramped martial arts hall. One day, Ishio finds himself flustered after catching Mochizuki naked in the changeroom. Mochizuki, having caught Ishio off guard, comes up with a very certain strategy: He's going to use his sex appeal to stir up Ishio. Whenever and wherever, he embraces him, pushes him down, and chases after him... Two built men, muscling their way through a love story.