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Feel Me With Your Instinct ~How a Potter Melts Me With His Fingers~

Doesn't it feel nice and slippery? While immersing myself in the feeling of clay as I spun the potter's wheel to create my first work of ceramic, long fingers tease my body from behind... And a hot tongue enters my wet pussy...! After suffering a heartbreak, Manami has come to the countryside to change herself. But the one living next door is a free-spirited genius potter!? "Your body gets my creative juices flowing," suddenly pushing me down as he says that... "Sex is basic animal instinct. Why do you hate it so much?" Isn't this man completely insane...!!? "You’ve got skin as beautiful as ceramic." I thought that he was going to ravage me like a beast, but instead, he whispers to me in a sweet voice... Even though I don't want this... Why can't I resist!?

I Want to Have Normal Sex! ~Wild Sex of a Man and a Woman with Unbreakable Habits~

“I won’t hold back.” He spreads my legs wide open, and inserts his lewd fingers inside me… it feels too good, I can’t take it! I, who’s insecure about her unfeminine physique, was caught taking down a thief by my popular coworker, Kurusu. I thought he’d be creeped out by my insane strength, but instead said, “You’d be the perfect match for my play!” What’s he talking about!? I was perplexed at first, but things took a turn when I realized that he, too, had sex concerns! I did say I want to do it quickly, but bondage, B.D.S.M., restraints… this is all too much!

This Occult Part-Time Job is an Erotic Experiment!?

Disaster awaits me, a plain college student, after the sexual encounter with an occult writer! One day, college student Futami finds a mysterious man collapsed in his apartment building! The man’s name is Ichijo, who lives nextdoor. After bringing the man back to his dodgy-looking room, Ichijo, in a fervor, pushes him to the ground…!? “Let’s do it together?” he asks as his body temperature rises, making Futami’s dick react… They introduce themselves the next day, and Ichijo explains he is an occult writer. “I tend to lose my memory during experiments…!” he says as he explains last night’s experiment, and asks Futami to work for him on the spot…!?

The Idol likes to be Touched.

“Right there, touch me more...” Haru is an idol who unless he is given pleasure by being touched by a stranger grows frustrated and is unable to function properly in his daily life. One day while he is enjoying some train-groper play, a younger man he’s never met before interrupts at the very worst time!! He tells the man he needs to make amends for cutting off the pleasure he was feeling. Under the young man’s inexperienced hands, he begins to feel oh so good......!! He wants the young man to make him feel even more pleasure and their encounters soon escalate!

Cinderella at 40

She thought, “Happiness won’t come to a woman over 40.” Getting married, having a child, having a successful career, falling in love... they were all things Riko Kasai had given up. Lost without a house or a job, the one who offered her a helping hand was a young, mysterious, and handsome company president, Kanata Nagai. Treated with luxuries, Riko couldn't help but find it suspicious, so she asked for the reason of his kindness. A love confession was definitely not what she was expecting to hear. "Because I love you." With those words, Kanata pushed her down and greedily devoured her lips...!!

Carnal sex with a 12 year age difference -We may have done it many times before, but I want even more!

“No, don’t touch me... there...! I want to feel her soft breasts again... I want to fuck her! But she’s 12 years younger than me...! Rensuke, a middle aged man with no love experience... One day, on his way home, a girl collapses in front of him. It was his neighbor, Yoko. After nursing her back to health, she passionately asks him to marry her! To try and win him over, she aggressively tempts him with her womanly charms... As they continue to grind against one another, her pussy becomes soaked, but just a single touch makes her tremble and shake... The way she cums is just so cute... but is this okay...?!

Drowning in Sex in the Countryside During Summer Vacation - With My Grown Up Childhood Friend

Ah, not both of them at the same time! When I thrust into her, she can't stop cumming. Summer vacation. After a long time, I went back to my hometown and had a drinking party with my friends. I was tired and fell asleep, but when I woke up, my childhood friend, Kairi, who was drunk, was sitting on top of me...!? Her tongue was entwined with mine, and we shared a passionate kiss. I was trying to control myself, but she asked me, "Are you bad at it?" Her warm, sweaty body temperature, and soft breasts... I was reunited with my childhood friend, and we did it again and again...!?

"Wanna Have Sex That’s Not Normal?" ~Drunk Office Lady Cums From Never Ending Thrusts~

I hope you enjoy the sex that you're having for the first time in ages. Hikari is a busy director of a fashion magazine. While drinking at her favorite bar, Ryusei, a handsome guy younger than her, sits next to her. They get along and keep drinking together... And the drunk Hikari ends up taking him home with her...!! Because of his cute, naive reactions befitting that of a younger guy, she lets her guard down... but then his rough, manly fingers start caressing her privates. Unable to bear the sudden teasing, she begs him to put it inside her. Ryusei smirks sketchily and assaults her intensely countless times...

Mansion of Love Thorns ~Aphrodisiac-Dripping First Experience~

I’ll give you an unforgettable first experience as a present. Her body burning from being forcefully aroused because of an aphrodisiac she was given mouth-to-mouth... Momo used to dream of a bright future with her fiance. However one day, her house was set on fire and she was abducted by a man named Kibagami, who is apparently her father's boss. "Starting today, you're my wife. I'll take good care of you." Unable to understand his intentions, Momo resists desperately, but because of the aphrodisiac and his relentless caresses, her whole body melts... What's happening to me? I hate this, but it's making me crazy...!!

Red Hot Proposal: Surrounded by His Tanned Body

”I’ll test and see… which way of touching you turns you on.” “What…? It feels warm… It feels… so good!” While away on vacation after graduation, Yuu meets a gorgeous man with tan skin and becomes entranced by his clear eyes. After several days of thinking that it was just a one-time encounter, the man appears again and tells her, “I came to get you. You are to become my wife.” On top of that, he forces her to get into the bath with him against her will… His fingers begin to caress every nook of Yuu’s body… Not having any experience with men, Yuu is overwhelmed by shyness… “I absolutely don’t want to become the wife of a man like this!”

My Cute Expressionless Lover

By chance, Izumi ends up going out with Kurosaki, the classmate he had a secret crush on. However, his dull and expressionless face makes it hard for him to express his happiness. They're having sex for the first time, but Izumi feels nervous. "Whoa!!!" His sensitive body reacts to Kurosaki rubbing his nipples lightly! "So you can make such a sexy face too." Izumi's melting expression that he doesn't usually show to anybody and his exposed, embarrassed body are subjected to Kurosaki's tormenting caresses... "But I actually know... that this is nothing more than a 'game' to Kurosaki..."