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Feel Me With Your Instinct ~How a Potter Melts Me With His Fingers~

Doesn't it feel nice and slippery? While immersing myself in the feeling of clay as I spun the potter's wheel to create my first work of ceramic, long fingers tease my body from behind... And a hot tongue enters my wet pussy...! After suffering a heartbreak, Manami has come to the countryside to change herself. But the one living next door is a free-spirited genius potter!? "Your body gets my creative juices flowing," suddenly pushing me down as he says that... "Sex is basic animal instinct. Why do you hate it so much?" Isn't this man completely insane...!!? "You’ve got skin as beautiful as ceramic." I thought that he was going to ravage me like a beast, but instead, he whispers to me in a sweet voice... Even though I don't want this... Why can't I resist!?

I Want to Have Normal Sex! ~Wild Sex of a Man and a Woman with Unbreakable Habits~

“I won’t hold back.” He spreads my legs wide open, and inserts his lewd fingers inside me… it feels too good, I can’t take it! I, who’s insecure about her unfeminine physique, was caught taking down a thief by my popular coworker, Kurusu. I thought he’d be creeped out by my insane strength, but instead said, “You’d be the perfect match for my play!” What’s he talking about!? I was perplexed at first, but things took a turn when I realized that he, too, had sex concerns! I did say I want to do it quickly, but bondage, B.D.S.M., restraints… this is all too much!

This Occult Part-Time Job is an Erotic Experiment!?

Disaster awaits me, a plain college student, after the sexual encounter with an occult writer! One day, college student Futami finds a mysterious man collapsed in his apartment building! The man’s name is Ichijo, who lives nextdoor. After bringing the man back to his dodgy-looking room, Ichijo, in a fervor, pushes him to the ground…!? “Let’s do it together?” he asks as his body temperature rises, making Futami’s dick react… They introduce themselves the next day, and Ichijo explains he is an occult writer. “I tend to lose my memory during experiments…!” he says as he explains last night’s experiment, and asks Futami to work for him on the spot…!?

The Idol likes to be Touched.

“Right there, touch me more...” Haru is an idol who unless he is given pleasure by being touched by a stranger grows frustrated and is unable to function properly in his daily life. One day while he is enjoying some train-groper play, a younger man he’s never met before interrupts at the very worst time!! He tells the man he needs to make amends for cutting off the pleasure he was feeling. Under the young man’s inexperienced hands, he begins to feel oh so good......!! He wants the young man to make him feel even more pleasure and their encounters soon escalate!

I Was Pushed Down by a Tough-Looking Flashy Guy! ~Embrace Me Without Questions~

I’m asking you to do me! Izuki is an office worker who often gets dumped by his girlfriends because he's too nice. One day, he bumps into Usami who works at the bar he frequents. Seeing Usami drunk and falling asleep on the street, he can't find it in himself to leave him there, so he takes him to his house for lack of a better option. When he finally manages to get home, Usami wakes up and gives him a blowjob. "Do it with me..." His incredible skills make Izumi get hard as a rock, while the sensation of his hard-on pressing against Usami's slippery hole makes him involuntarily shake his hips...!! An extremely good-natured, straight office worker and a tough-looking and flashy waiter make a sweet and sensual agreement to start a time-limited relationship.

"Don’t you want to fuck me?" Secret Menu is Passionate Sex

When I went to a newly-opened cafe, I was taken to a private room and serviced sexually?! The main character’s name is Yuichi Aikawa. He spends most of his days going to class and working a part-time job. One day, on his way back home from work, he receives a flier about a newly-opened cafe. He decided to go to the cafe since he received a discount coupon, assuming it would be a normal cafe. However, when he gets there they take him to a private room and a worker named Reina serves him a cup of tea with her mouth. This eventually escalates and they end up having sex, their passionate noises echoing throughout the room. Yuichi initially found this odd, but knew he wanted this service again while thrusting himself into Reina.

Having Sex with Him While Running Away From Home and Drenched - Can I Take Shelter Until You Run Out of Condoms?

It's perfect, it feels good! A kind girl, Nao, who called out to me who just got dumped and was drunk. When I heard that she couldn't go home because she lost her wallet, I felt sorry for her and decided to take her to my home. No ulterior motives! But then, our eyes met, our tongues got entwined, and the "thank you" kiss became more and more extreme...! I just teased her a little, but her pink nipples got hard. The more I teased her, the more she tightened up. "The way you touch is too naughty..." I couldn't stand the temptation of a girl who ran away from home. Before I knew it, I already put it in...!?

Will You Take Responsibility for Making Me Lust After You? - An Old Man’s Convincing SEX

You pressed your cute tits against me. It's too late to stop now. An old man's dick went inside her tight pussy. Inomoto's apartment, where he works for a construction company, is invaded by the president's daughter, Suzune!? Suzune has alwas pushed Inomoto around, and even now, she's being a nuisance to him. Inomoto, who finally snaps, pushes Suzune down. "Did you think you could win because you were against a dull old man?" He gropes her soft breasts. When he teases her wet pussy, for some reason, she gives him an innocent reaction. "Inomoto, you said you weren't gonna do anything." However, Inomoto, who has been turned on, doesn't care. He thrusts into her and finishes her all at once...!!

Be Mine Now ~The Burning Possessiveness of a Prince on Ice~

I always make sure to get what I want. The super confident figure skating prince is high-handed even outside of the rink... Could he be hitting on me in the middle of coverage!? Photography club member, Yukino (third-year college student), has been tasked with the close coverage of a figure skating athlete in the lead-up to a competition. Her subject is the school's promising star, Takuma Oji. Every time she points the camera at him, he strikes a series of his narcissistic signature poses, perplexing Yukino, but... Her heart is gradually captivated by his hard work and unexpected true self... If he penetrates me so intensely with that toned body, I'll...!!

Complex Laboratory

Okano, who has no friends and is in the throes of his self-conscious teenager phase, spends his days doing experiments in his own personal science club. He was content with his school life until Shouta Tsuchiya, a flirty moron, appears on the scene one day. "Wow, your experiments are so cool, senpai!☆" Although they're complete opposites in every way, for some reason, Shouta takes a liking to Okano. And as he's pushed around by Shouta after he strong-arms his way into the science club, Okano begins to develop feelings he's never felt before...! Dumb puppy-dog junior x loner senior... Youth, sweat, and tears chemically react in this explosive love comedy!

You Can Try My Body if You Want! ~Sex With a Horny Man on an Uninhabited Island~

Minato, a good-natured university student, is taking a ferry back home. On the trip, he finds Izumi, a beauty who gazes fleetingly at the waves. As he's captivated by him, he realizes that he's trying to jump into the ocean...!! Minato rushes to save him, but they both end up falling into the water... and getting washed away to a desert island!? They take their soaked clothes off and sit close together to keep warm... but Izumi looks oddly sexy with his skin exposed. With a suggestive touch, he says, "Actually, I'm into men. Do you want to try it?" As the both of them lustfully jerk each other off, Minato feels a wave of incredible pleasure...!!

Cinderella at 40

She thought, “Happiness won’t come to a woman over 40.” Getting married, having a child, having a successful career, falling in love... they were all things Riko Kasai had given up. Lost without a house or a job, the one who offered her a helping hand was a young, mysterious, and handsome company president, Kanata Nagai. Treated with luxuries, Riko couldn't help but find it suspicious, so she asked for the reason of his kindness. A love confession was definitely not what she was expecting to hear. "Because I love you." With those words, Kanata pushed her down and greedily devoured her lips...!!

Carnal sex with a 12 year age difference -We may have done it many times before, but I want even more!

“No, don’t touch me... there...! I want to feel her soft breasts again... I want to fuck her! But she’s 12 years younger than me...! Rensuke, a middle aged man with no love experience... One day, on his way home, a girl collapses in front of him. It was his neighbor, Yoko. After nursing her back to health, she passionately asks him to marry her! To try and win him over, she aggressively tempts him with her womanly charms... As they continue to grind against one another, her pussy becomes soaked, but just a single touch makes her tremble and shake... The way she cums is just so cute... but is this okay...?!

Drowning in Sex in the Countryside During Summer Vacation - With My Grown Up Childhood Friend

Ah, not both of them at the same time! When I thrust into her, she can't stop cumming. Summer vacation. After a long time, I went back to my hometown and had a drinking party with my friends. I was tired and fell asleep, but when I woke up, my childhood friend, Kairi, who was drunk, was sitting on top of me...!? Her tongue was entwined with mine, and we shared a passionate kiss. I was trying to control myself, but she asked me, "Are you bad at it?" Her warm, sweaty body temperature, and soft breasts... I was reunited with my childhood friend, and we did it again and again...!?

"Wanna Have Sex That’s Not Normal?" ~Drunk Office Lady Cums From Never Ending Thrusts~

I hope you enjoy the sex that you're having for the first time in ages. Hikari is a busy director of a fashion magazine. While drinking at her favorite bar, Ryusei, a handsome guy younger than her, sits next to her. They get along and keep drinking together... And the drunk Hikari ends up taking him home with her...!! Because of his cute, naive reactions befitting that of a younger guy, she lets her guard down... but then his rough, manly fingers start caressing her privates. Unable to bear the sudden teasing, she begs him to put it inside her. Ryusei smirks sketchily and assaults her intensely countless times...

Mansion of Love Thorns ~Aphrodisiac-Dripping First Experience~

I’ll give you an unforgettable first experience as a present. Her body burning from being forcefully aroused because of an aphrodisiac she was given mouth-to-mouth... Momo used to dream of a bright future with her fiance. However one day, her house was set on fire and she was abducted by a man named Kibagami, who is apparently her father's boss. "Starting today, you're my wife. I'll take good care of you." Unable to understand his intentions, Momo resists desperately, but because of the aphrodisiac and his relentless caresses, her whole body melts... What's happening to me? I hate this, but it's making me crazy...!!

Red Hot Proposal: Surrounded by His Tanned Body

”I’ll test and see… which way of touching you turns you on.” “What…? It feels warm… It feels… so good!” While away on vacation after graduation, Yuu meets a gorgeous man with tan skin and becomes entranced by his clear eyes. After several days of thinking that it was just a one-time encounter, the man appears again and tells her, “I came to get you. You are to become my wife.” On top of that, he forces her to get into the bath with him against her will… His fingers begin to caress every nook of Yuu’s body… Not having any experience with men, Yuu is overwhelmed by shyness… “I absolutely don’t want to become the wife of a man like this!”

My Cute Expressionless Lover

By chance, Izumi ends up going out with Kurosaki, the classmate he had a secret crush on. However, his dull and expressionless face makes it hard for him to express his happiness. They're having sex for the first time, but Izumi feels nervous. "Whoa!!!" His sensitive body reacts to Kurosaki rubbing his nipples lightly! "So you can make such a sexy face too." Izumi's melting expression that he doesn't usually show to anybody and his exposed, embarrassed body are subjected to Kurosaki's tormenting caresses... "But I actually know... that this is nothing more than a 'game' to Kurosaki..."

Your Virginity is Mine ~My Childhood Friend is Bullying Me Sexually~

Kanata, fed up with his noisy neighbors, is asked by his childhood friend, Yuji, to room with him. Kanata immediately agreed, but secretly has a one-sided crush on Yuji. I wanted to ask my flawless childhood friend, who’s also handsome, kind, and can cook, if he had a girlfriend… why did I end up lying that I had a girlfriend!? And now, Yuji says he going to teach me how to do have sex. He’s feeling me up with his big hands, it’s so hot I feel like I’m melting…!!

"His Sex is Way Too Sadistic…!" - Intense Sex with My Peerless Colleague Before the Last Train

We can't do it at the office! If you're just drunk, let's stop here! Late at night at the office, she's fucked by a sadist. Her lewd moans are echoing all over. Naruse doesn't have a boyfriend and is devoted to work. Even though she's flustered about her junior's marriage, she's still working overtime with her colleague, Mizuki Aoyama, tonight. They start a drinking party after their work comes to a standstill. "Love and sex are two different things!" Is it because he's drunk? The moment Naruse says that, he suddenly kisses her! His lewd tongue makes her drool all over. Her pussy starts to get wet. "He forces me to do this, but why am I feeling it?" He takes off her panties and puts his dick inside her sensitive body...

Romance-Prohibited Cohabitation ~Hey, Wanna Have a Session?~

Taichi was dumped by his girlfriend because of his weight gain. In order to lose his weight seriously, he applies for a certain gym's special personal trainer program that guarantees weight loss. In this plan, you're prohibited from having a romantic relationship with your trainer, which Taichi dismissed as it had nothing to do with him. However, the person chosen to be his trainer was Maika, a beauty who looks just like his former girlfriend. On top of having to suddenly live together with a woman, the trainer suggests to him that he should think of her as his lover, for the best course of weight loss. What will Taichi do...!?

The Lewd Noises Are the Sadistic Manager’s Fault!

You’re full of syrup down here. "No... don't rub it so much!" Without giving her a moment to rest, he pushes his tongue and his fingers all the way in, making her dripping wet... Yui, an office worker, goes to take out the trash in the morning, but her apartment building manager makes her sort it again. Even worse, he tells her she's "too dirty" and pushes her into the shower to wash her hair. On a rainy day after work, the manager finds her covered in dirt and makes her take off her clothes, pushing her into the shower once again! Plus, he scolds her and makes her show him her legs so he can shave them... "If say you’re a lady, then get rid of that unneeded hair!!" Even though she's embarrassed to have a man shave her body hair, her nipples get hard, and her special place gets wetter and wetter...

Sis, I’ll Make You a Woman All the Way In

Look how much you're feeling it. You're so lewd, Sis. My younger brother's hot tongue is licking my wet pussy. I just came... I can't take it anymore! I haven't had a boyfriend for years. Sakura, who has completely given up on love, suddenly reunites with her stepbrother, Sou, for the first time in 10 years! Her brother insists on living with her until she's got a boyfriend. Meanwhile, when her love for her senior gets turned down, Sou forces her to have sex with him, saying, "I'll make you pretty with sex." She knows she's not supposed to do it, but he makes her cum again and again...! She thought her brother was just a brat, but now, she can't resist the grown-up him.

Sex Happens Off-Set! - My Childhood Friend is an Animal at Night

I'm taking this vacation so I can do things like this with you, so get ready. Mei hides his love for his childhood friend, the actor Fuji, and supports him as his manager. Fuji has been working as an actor based overseas, but now that he is 30 years old, he decides to go back to Japan and live with Mei on a vacation. When Fuji arrives in Japan, the first thing he wants is to stay at a love hotel...!? "Mei, come here. Leave your body to me." With his sweet voice, Fuji pushes Mei down and kisses him. Mei, who is aching with his hidden feelings, wants to push Fuji away, but he can't resist him. He's forced to cum by the passionate Fuji himself.

Can a Demonic Teacher Be This Lewd?

Toujou, who is feared by his students as a demonic teacher, has a secret that he cannot tell anyone. He likes to relieve stress by going to a gay brothel..! One night, when he wants to have sex for the first time in a long time, a handsome young man with a gentle aura comes to his hotel room. He showers him with kisses and uses his hot hands to play with his dick. This may turn out to be a good night... When he thinks so, the young man says, "You're going with the SM play tonight, right, Mr. Toujou?" An erotic love between a former student slash sadistic host and a demonic teacher by day but a masochist bottom by night.

I Can Hear Your Sexy Moans, You Know? - SEX Training at the Company Dormitory With Super Thin Walls

It's better than when I do it myself... It feels good... One day, when I was finally used to living in the company dormitory, I accidentally peeked at my neighbor while chasing after my laundry that was blown away by the wind, and there she was, a beautiful girl and she was masturbating!? She mistook me for a pervert, so I hurried and tried to stop her from screaming, but I accidentally touched her wet pussy. But she was masturbating, so that means that she wanted to have sex, right? Every time I thrust into her sensitive pussy, her breathing becomes more and more intense. "No... I'm moaning! Stop!"

The Wife Who Started Working at the Massage Parlor Is Acting Strangely

“Muranishi-kun... you planned to do lewd things to me from the start, didn’t you!?” She refuses with her words, but then starts to drip love juices from her private area after experiencing a rough caressing she doesn’t get from her husband... Izumi, a married woman, begins her job at a massage parlor run by a member of her high school graduating class, Muranishi. He used to be bullied, but now has a demeanor overflowing with confidence. After work is over, Muranishi begins a massage session with Izumi, saying that it’s “a service to all employees.” Thus began the start of a bout of obscene pleasure...!

The Quiet Girl’s Erogenous Zone - She Doesn’t Moan, but Her Body is Honest, She is Wet

Do you want to have sex? Sure, go ahead. You don't even need a condom. I met a homeless boy on the riverside. Sympathizing with him, I invited him to my house and took off his worn-out clothes in the dressing room, but what I saw underneath his clothes were... beautiful boobs that a man shouldn't have!? What's more, that night, for some reason, I ended up sleeping together with her! I was so shaken that I shouted, "What if I asked you to let me touch you for letting you stay in my house?" and her answer was, "Go ahead." I took off her clothes and saw good-looking breasts that I had seen in the dressing room earlier. Excited, I stroked her pussy with my fingers, and it was already soaking wet. I couldn't wait any longer, so I took off my pants. She grabbed my dick with her beautiful fingers and put it in her dripping wet pussy...

A Carnivorous Rugby Man, Discovers Love ~A Try of Love in the Secret Garden~

“Ngah! S-so thick…!” “I hope you’re not cumming, yet.” I was penetrated by an insanely large man in his secret garden… To improve her nutritional diet, Kimeyo (age 28) hires a in-home cooking service. The one who appeared was a huge man like a rugby player, Michiru Barazono. A curious man who is good at cooking, yet seemingly lonely for some reason. And before realizing it, he’ll be excited and begin a try in bed. I’m on the verge of cumming from his gargantuan…! Drawn by the witty genius Tsuki Saejima, presents this hilarious erotic romantic comedy.

Enchanting Temptation on the Outer Limit

One night, Mr. Kano, a high school teacher, was led by children wearing peculiar masks to a shop run by a strange man. “Do you have anything that you’ve lost… that changed your life?” Mr. Kano begins to tell the story of his sultry love affair with his student, Itaru Enatsu… Students and teachers, step-brothers… In a world on the border of this world and the next, what will they choose? Love? Or illusion? The curtain raises on Nobita Akiharu’s beautiful world, a boy’s love omnibus!

The Corporate Slave Wants to be Fucked by the Extremely Sadistic Gangster

“Starting today, you belong to me. You’ll work for me. I’m saying this nicely, but this is what’s going down.” Hashiba, a salesman of a sweatshop-like corporation, bursts into his director’s office to turn in his resignation, only to walk in on a shakedown by a gang…! Coming in at the worst possible time, Hashiba is handed over to the leader of the gang, Miki, as a collateral for a debt. What’s more, when he finds out Hashiba is gay, Miki tells him to suck him off while forcibly thrusting his cock into Hashiba’s mouth…!

Falling After Having Sex Once!? - The Cunning Girl Gets All Messed Up by the Peerless Sex of a Virgin

It's so big, it's filling up my insides... I'm cumming! Yuki, a female college student who wants to have fun, has been dating her former classmate, Makoto, for two months. Even though she wants to have sex soon, Makoto, a serious guy, doesn't dare to touch her at all. When she tries to break up with him, saying that a virgin doesn't suit her after all, he suddenly says, "I'll do my best, so please don't break up with me!" After that, he pushes her down on the bed, licks her erect nipples, and teases her insides with his long fingers. When he does that, her wet pussy is twitching. What should I do? It felt so good that I came... Wait, so he wasn't a virgin!? Yuki is puzzled, but this time, she can feel something hot and big inside her. "Are you okay? I haven't put it all in, though." It wasn't supposed to be like this, but the unexpected pleasure gradually made me lose my mind...

Office Worker Weak to Pressure Cums Stupendously From Within Due to Skilled Hands! Bow-legged Massage Leads to Peak Relaxation

“Something...something hard and great feeling is inside me...!” - - The office worker Miyuki is troubled by hip pain when she is dragged along to a chiropractor’s office by her coworker. What should’ve been just a massage, joint adjustment and a loosening of her tight muscles... ends up with her going along with his skilled hands and suddenly being totally naked! She’s blindfolded and something hot and hard is hitting her in that dripping place down there... but this is just treatment so it’s not sexual, right...!? Unknowing what it could be something thick and amazing feeling of the chiropractor’s is shoved deep inside her, and she cums again and again as she cries out in a sexy voice...!!

I’m Going to Make Love to My Teacher

“You’re the first woman I’ve ever got off, Ms. Hashimoto.” “I can’t believe… I’m coming… this hard!” Yui Hashimoto works overtime to be able to spend some time relaxing with her boyfriend. That ends up backfiring and they suddenly break up. While she’s depressed about that, Naoya Kujou, the popular head of the class, suddenly appears. “Have a seat, Ms. Hashimoto,” he says, and as he touches the nape of her neck and her shoulders, she melts from the pleasant warmth of his fingertips. After he leaves, she finds a business card for a beauty salon called “Aqua” has fallen to the floor. Finding that it is a women’s only establishment, when she goes in to satisfy her curiosity she discovers that the salon technician is… a man!? His large hands massage her from her collarbone to her breasts, from her navel to her thighs and to what’s in between. Even though she’s only receiving a massage, the aching within her body won’t stop… Once all was said and done, when she saw his face she found his true identity was…!!

The Wild Beast Wants to Do It So Passionately That He’ll Drown In Pleasure ~Naughty Courtship on a Faraway Island~

We’re… doing this kind of thing, soaking wet. This is so lewd. The islander thrusts rhythmically with his XL-sized member. The intense courtship isn't showing any signs of ending!! A small island of 150 residents, covered in natural sceneries. The one who welcomed Minami when she arrived on the island was her half-Japanese guide, Alec, who fell in love with her at first sight! "Please have a child with me." That's how the courting starts!! She knows that the day to go back to Tokyo will eventually come, but without anyone to rely on, so she ends up drowning into his strong arms, wide as the ocean... "You got me… I lose all composure in front of you." The islander full of vitality can have sex anywhere, be it at home, at sea, or on the beach...!!

The Call Boy Wants It Inside ~Can You Look at Me When I Come?~

Akiyama just started working, but he's extremely annoyed because he has to take over the duties of his senior who suddenly quit...! Daydreaming about having a boyfriend who'd make him feel better... makes him take the leap to request the visit of a call boy specialized in gay men! The one knocking on his door was Aoi, a super cute call boy. As they started making out, just touching the flirtatious and sexy Aoi makes Akiyama rock hard...!! On top of that, Aoi's passionate fellatio pushes him over the edge. It feels so good it's crazy...! This is the heart-pounding love story of a younger, virgin salary man with an older, sexy call boy!

A Pet to My Bias

Natsukawa Runa, a college student, is shocked by the disbandment of a popular idol group which she loves. One day, while caring for a drunken guy at a college drinking party, she discovers he is Subaru, her bias, who has gone MIA after the announcement. When Subaru realizes that he has been exposed, he threatens her by taking her picture, saying: "Should I expose you so you can't go against me?” What’ll happen to Runa now that she finds out the true nature of her bias?!

*This Guy is a High-Spec Virgin

I want to lose my virginity! I just want to get rid of it!!! Matsueda Haruno age 29 wants to get rid of her virginity but sadly she doesn't have a boyfriend so "losing virginity" is a difficult task…! When she was struggling with her problem she coincidentally learns that a coworker Yoshino Tsubaki has a lot of experience with women. So Haruno thought that it would be no problem for him to add her to his list of side chicks, so she asked Yoshino "Please take my virginity.”!? Haruno was enthusiastic about losing her virginity with this, but Yoshino's reaction was…? A love comedy tale of an out-of-control OL and an elite with special circumstances unfold.

0 Second Proposal: My Friend's Brother Asked to Marry Me

After meeting for "0 seconds," a proposal!? One night Hana Kayama opens her door to a strange young man standing there, Keito Mikita. Moreover, he plainly proposes to her saying "May we please live together, as a married couple?" Hana thinks it's super suspicious, but it turns out he's actually the younger brother of an old friend! She wonders if the proposal is true or not, but for some reason, she can't abandon this man without a home, so they start living together!! This is a reunion with a boy who turned into a man, but what should this grown woman do with his 10 years of "true love"!?