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I’m 30 Years Old and I Can’t Get a Boyfriend, so I Summoned an Incubus.

You're dripping wet... you're sucking me in so hungrily. Something thick and hot is hitting my deepest spot down there. I can't think straight! Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I'd be ravished by an incubus...! On my 30th birthday, my Mom pushed an arranged marriage interview proposal on me. On the spur of the moment, I lied that I have a boyfriend... If she finds out, I'll be forced to go to the arranged date!! Driven into a corner, I resorted to dark magic. But what resulted from it wasn't a boyfriend, but an incubus! "I'll be your man." Kai, the incubus, promised to help me in exchange for sex all day long! Before I could even refuse, he pressed his lips against mine... my hips are tingling just from a kiss... Is this also part of an incubus' powers!? I got so turned on I couldn't believe myself...

The Pure-Hearted Puppy and the Erotic Tattoo

“...I was interested in your body from the start.” To prep for his role in his next movie, the young actor Suga visits a tattoo parlor where he meets Hariya the tattooist. Though he knows it’s for taking his measurements, Suga’s body burns with passion at Hariya’s seductive touches and gaze soaking up every inch of him. Then, as if teasing him, Hariya pushes Suga down, saying “I just had to touch you to be sure in the end.” Mouth violated by Hariya’s hot lips and cold tongue piercing, Suga’s ravished by a pleasure he’s never felt before...!

No! His Hand's Inside My Panties! With My Sworn Enemy at the Company Welcoming Ceremony…

If you keep struggling so much, it's gonna go inside. No matter how much she tries to punch or kick, his fingers just sink deeper and deeper into her panties... Her resistance is made futile as he touches her... She's dripping, lost in passion, unable to even stand! Ever since her childhood, Remi had been known as "Gorilla Girl", a name given to her by the neighborhood bully, Asahina. And just when she thinks she's finally managed to change her image and put the past behind her, she bumps into him all over again! "For a gorilla, you're gorgeous even on the inside..." The more she tries to refuse him, the more he just enjoys toying with her body. When she was younger, she had easily beaten him through sheer strength, but how can it be that now his fingers are enough to make her melt? So frustrating, yet so good...

The Only One I Want (to Tease) is You My devilish co-worker made me cum!?

“I’ll give you plenty of love. My little dog.”Her legs spread apart at her office desk, her co-worker’s fingers slip into her underwear... With each touch, wet sounds echo through the office! Momoka, an office worker, was assigned to train Matsubayashi, a new employee. He’s good-looking, great at the job, and an earnest co-worker... Or that’s what she thought! As soon as he learns of Momoka’s “secret,” Matsubayashi turns into a sadistic sex beast! “Tell me what turns you on,” he whispers in a naughty voice next to her ears while playing with her erect nipples, and then...!?

No use in arguing, you’re my wife! -Being pursued by a male 12 years younger

“You feel that good by my fingers? Turns me on so much.” Sensitive inside’s being stirred up by a young male... No... Gonna cum...!! Although devoted to her work, Tamaki, a university teacher, is feeling the pressure of marriage before her 32nd birthday. That’s when an old student of hers, Itsuki, brings up a promise of marriage from the past!? Can’t get married so suddenly! But being pursued strongly by the male who is 12 years younger, it is decided they will do half a year of trial marriage!? Being pushed down without hesitation and roughly licked in an embarrassing area... Body’s going to melt...!

My Junior Colleague's Perverse Longing

I can't stop fantasizing about you.I'm Mina. I work in a pharmaceutical branch, and have had a pretty steady work and social life. However, day after day I receive needless pressure from everyone around me to "hurry up and get a guy." One day, at a girls' night out, a young man I didn't know fell into my arms, saying, "Keep petting me... It feels good," and fawning over me out of nowhere! Worse still, the young man was Shu Ukami, a new hire at my company!Out of nowhere, his attitude flipped, and he told me, "Your innocent side is kinda sexy, I just wanna tease it," and he backed me up against the wall! He even went as far as to take my hand into his groin and forced me to start fondling him!! My breathing started getting heavy, and I could hear my gasps echo down the hallway... I've never experienced something this hot before!

Have Me for Tonight ー Cunning, Sweet, and Racy Sex Right After Heartbreak

Don't you miss the touch of another person's skin? Look... You're so wet. Even though we've never met before, his large body and hot tongue are making me melt... To support her sick uncle, Mashiro Mizutani works multiple part-time jobs. Today's her first date in a while... But she received a break-up text from her boyfriend!? After drowning her sorrows with alcohol, the wasted Mashiro is sent home and cared for by an unfamiliar salaryman. "What a kind man..." Just when that thought crossed Mashiro's mind, his attitudes changes when he sees her old scar.... "Mashiro, you're just too open to attacks." With intense yet somehow gentle fingering, he attacks her sensitive protruding nipples and pussy...!! Eve though she just got dumped by her boyfriend, her body is gradually opening itself up to a person she's never met before... Why can't she refuse this man!?

The crybaby's at the mean devil's mercy

Show me more of your cute crying face. "Gh...! Who'd want to show you...?" University student Mizuki suddenly gets close to Kyouya, the younger twin brother of his crush. He's never talked to him, but he seems to be a pretty good guy...? He barely had time to think about it, but Kyouya already seemed to know who Mizuki likes...!? Confused, he even ended up revealing that he's a crybaby! The trouble doubles! Even worse, Kyouya pushes his hot tongue into his mouth, making his hole tingle. "Let me make you cry."

My Childhood Friend is an Erotic Painter: Melting Over and Over Again in an Immoral Room

“Mmm! Ah… Ahhh…! I… can’t take it anymore…!” “I won’t let you come yet. I’m sorry.” Her soaking wet hole was penetrated in and out by a man’s fingers and sweet nectar flowed out. That was a gentle yet cruel caress. Tomomi was duped at her job and was saved by her childhood friend, the painter Izumi, and her first love, Rikuto, who asked her to model for their erotic paintings. Tomomi entrusted her body to her beloved Rikuto, but even though Rikuto made her come he would not penetrate her… To Tomomi, who was hot and bothered, Izumi suddenly said, “Show me the places that Rikuto touched you,” and took her by force…!!

I'm Having an Affair While Being Embraced by My Husband

Am I just a sex tool for you? He's a husband who only sees his wife as a sex tool. She's a woman who lives in fear every day because he seeks her for pleasure every night... They're a husband and wife who are at odds. On the other hand, there's a couple who is pressured to make children. A husband and wife who suffer from conflict with their mother-in-law. Gradually, the wife starts to behave erratically, and her husband becomes exhausted... In the midst of all that chaos, she meets him as if they're destined in the first place! The two people who are attracted to each other so as to quench their thirst. Exhausted and having nowhere to go, they finally...

In Apartment 501 Lives a Sex Hero

“Does it feel good? Ok, I’ll give you more.” He licks up the dripping creamy liquid. Going to melt... --One day, an apartment superintendent named Mana is saved from a predicament by a guy living in apartment 501, whose appearance and personality is a mystery. ...But he looks just like that person...!?? “That reaction makes me want to touch you more.” He whispers as their tongues intertwine. “You’re turned on?” Being asked in that voice, I’m gonna cum—Who in the world is he...!?

Scripted Marriage: Start! - Caught Up in a Love Trap!

“Hey. Marry me.” "...Huh!!?" Famous T.V. star Ren is in the worst trouble he’s ever been in after press catch on to a love scandal between him and a male idol. When his family calls an emergency meeting to try and fix things, his childhood family friend and popular actor Mitsuru suddenly proposes to him!? It was supposed to be a non-romantic, “fake marriage” type arrangement that let Mitsuru concentrate on his work, but Ren starts finding this honeymoon life surprisingly enjoyable. The only thing he’s worried about is how to deal with his sexual appetite...? When he lets that issue slip by mistake, Mitsuru says “why don’t we have our first night together?” and his body starts throbbing and heating up...!? The newlywed love comedy between an obsessive actor and a moronic celebrity who’s weak to pleasure!

Mr. Bossy Pants Has His Way with Me Because He Loves Me?

“I believe I told you how I feel about you last night... I'm not going to let you slip out of my hands now...” An arrogant young CEO who can do wonders with his burning fingers and hot tongue, sending waves of pleasure through her body... Hinako runs a small food wagon selling boxed lunches. For some reason, one of her regular customers, a mysterious man in a business suit named Akiyama, keeps asking her when she would get off work and leaves his business card behind... One evening, Hinako turns down a persistent guy hitting on her, which causes him to wreck her precious wagon in retaliation! Seeing her trying to fix it, Akiyama helps her on his way back from work. He invites her over to his place only to tell her that he was trying to ask her out multiple times and that he likes her and her rolled omelette. Suddenly, she finds herself moaning and gasping as he caresses her all over with his soft lips and tongue...

Professor, Let’s Do Something More Erotic —Courtship Sex is Too Good to Run From

Can you really forget a man you had so much sex with? But... she had no idea he was her student...! A rejection letter from her teacher employment exam, the sight of her boyfriend amidst an affair with another woman... A series of misfortunes leaves Nanao broken-hearted and alone. Not unlike the last prize in a crane game machine, which she finds herself spending all her money to catch. "How 'bout I grab it for you?" a mysterious young man offers. "If I can get that thing in one try," he wagers, "You come out with me tonight." Despite his pushy behavior, and perhaps because of his kind gaze, Nanao realizes she hopes he's successful. Later, his warmth, caress, and bold words pierce right through her grief-addled body... "You're really convulsing inside." He pushes against her deepest place over and over, and soon, she's cumming all over again...! Six months later, Nanao is hired as a part-time lecturer at a university, and there, she meets...?

Stop Taking Photos of Me During Sex!

Photography is the hobby of an introvert college student - Mikoshiba. After being pestered by his extrovert classmate, Minoru, he decided to show him the picture he took. Surprisingly, he received a straight-up compliment, "It looks pretty good!" Since then, they became close friends. One day, Minoru decided to visit his house...!! Mikoshiba was turned on by Minoru's passionate puppy eyes, and before he knew it, a naked Minoru was moaning on his bed!? As Minoru was being screwed deep inside and started craving for more upon losing all restraint, Mikoshiba held his camera. "If you don't want me to pull it out, let me take your photo." Being driven into a corner as he's raptured and on the verge of cumming, what would Minoru do...!?

Do You Want To Go Further? The Summer When I Cross the Line with My Childhood Friend Who Is My First Love

“What? You’ve never been caressed here before?”Mitsuha Hinata who has become a university student aims to go out with Issei Yuuki, her first love and childhood friend. They were always together during their childhood, and Issei only smiled at Mitsuha. One day, a girl from the same grade asked Issei out and he agreed. Issei has always rejected any girl trying to approach him, so why…!? On a summer night, Mitsuha was annoyed at Issei who didn’t know about her feelings.“E-Even I have experience, okay!?” She lied, and was suddenly pushed down…“Before I’m your childhood friend, I’m a man.” He says, as he makes Mitsuha cum so much that her panties are drenched.What’s happening…? Don’t tell me… We’re going to…!?

Embracing Me Over the Balcony

“I don’t have confidence I won’t do anything to you if we spend the night together.” Haru said as he blushed. Yukine was then kissed by Haru’s hot lips, making her body melt rapidly!Yukine Arisugawa, a junior from the literature department at university lives next door to Haru Shinonome in her apartment. By chance, they end up having dinner together frequently. The two late-bloomers both enjoy reading and become closer steadily… Yukine feels more and more relieved when seeing Haru. This is the first time she has felt this way… What exactly is this feeling?

The Younger Chef Melts Me With his Begging

Satsuki, a man working at a small Italian restaurant, is secretly in love with his younger coworker, Kaoru. Figuring him straight... Satsuki resigns himself to keeping the other as mere eye candy, but for some reason finds himself at Kaoru’s house...!? With the wine warming up his body, he finds himself beginning to grow turned on... With Kaoru himself feeling the thrill and saying such words as “Satsuki, you are so hot. I can’t... I can’t hold back” the two of them are unable to hold back their desires for one another. This is an erotic love story that starts from the joining of the bodies of an eager young pup of a straight chef and a beautiful but unlucky in love sommelier.

A Woman Who Destroys the Office ー I Just Want to be Happy

I'm being bullied by someone in the office. The beautiful office lady, Sae Tomoda, is suddenly getting bullied. The bullying is getting worse and worse, but the culprit remains a mystery. However, Tomoda is also indulging in the immoral act of having an affair with the president...!? The employees are jumping at shadows because of a woman. Who is the victim? Is everyone the culprit?

Hot Sex at My Front Door with a Flirty and Sweet Mailman

Aah...! His thing's rubbin' against me... I'm goin' crazy...! Drenched in rain, pulled to the floor at her front door, her tongue coils passionately with his. He nibbles at her erect nipples and traces his finger along her dampened panties... Her cold body warms and melts at his touch... She's only just moved here, and she's only just met him, and yet she's doing something this obscene...!Kanade, a college student who has just moved to Tokyo, makes quick friends with Natsuya, a local mailman who rescues her from the confusion and loneliness of an unfamiliar town. One stormy and particularly lonely night, who else but Natsuya shows up at her door to deliver a package...!!

I Got Stuck Teaching an Airhead Novelist About Love

Then I'll be the one to teach you about romance between men. So long as you refuse to give up. Yuki, a young novelist, is in the midst of writing his latest work - a romance between two men. "Since I don't understand a single thing about love between men, I'll just have to experience it first!" Thinking that, Yuki sneaks into a gay bar, but the handsome bartender, Takumi, quickly sees through him! With super erotic technique, Takumi unbuckles Yuki's pants and rubs him down there... And makes him cum in no time at all! A lesson in love by a younger top.

Getting Married To a Good-For-Nothing ~Would This Marriage Work?~

Nozomi Ikezaki and Shintarou Akishima are known in their office for getting along like cats and dogs. But, what nobody knows is that... the two have actually been dating for almost a whole year! On top of that, their company forbids relationships between employees, so they have to make sure the secret doesn't get out. Nozomi worries about her secret love every day, but she also has another worry. She's troubled about marriage. Considering her age, she is thinking about getting married to Shintarou in the future, but this perfect man with amazing looks and work skills has a crucial flaw... Do flaws not matter as long as there's love!? Read the secret pre-marriage (?) love story of a woman dreaming of the ideal marriage with a flawed man!

This Confident Virgin is Weak to Sex!

Rather, he probably sucks at sex. I never thought this one comment would lead to such things... Retsu is a college student who loves fashion and dressing up in style. When talking about the popular model "Sho" with his friends, he ends up saying that Sho probably sucks at sex. But then Sho himself had overheard the conversation... He takes and locks Retsu into a room and asks him, "Wanna test if I really suck at it or not?"... Receiving a tongue-intertwining kiss from the extremely good-looking Sho and getting his privates teased... The pleasure of getting touched by someone else makes Retsu dizzy... This is a modern, erotic love story of a sweet, sadistic, and beautiful model paired with a confident virgin who's weak to sex...!!

Onozaki is Too Passionate! I Want To Know Everything About You, Inside and Out

You're not dirty, Matsumoto. He was licking the sweats that dripped from my breasts with his tongue while looking at me... My body went numb and jerked involuntarily. I shouldn't feel it more! Nanami Matsumoto decided to go on a diet after her boyfriend called her "heavy." She asked Onozaki, an instructor and an old friend she met at the class reunion, to be her diet coach. "It may hurt, but please bear with me." Onozaki started to massage her after saying that. But then, he put his fingers inside her...!? He was rubbing her sensitive pussy, she couldn't hold her moans...! The floor got wet with sweat and love juice. Onozaki was earnest, but why would he go that far...?

Midnight Porn - Who will be my partner tonight?

“Is it really okay to tie you up?” “Yes, of course. You’re free to do whatever you want to do.” GEHEIM, the exclusive, invitation-only club, is the scene of yet another lascivious love affair again tonight. Hisaya, the dashing, princely dom; Akari, the intriguing masochist with a praise kink; Aoba, the guy with no hard limits but who suffers from erectile dysfunction… Kurou, the manager who keeps this band of colorful characters coordinated; and Shigeru, the black-suited support staff. Like their customers, they too have their own secrets and desires that are not always so clear-cut… The love story anthology by Senco Yoshimoto, which depicts the love and desires of three couples working in a high-class brothel, begins with a bang!

Fall For Me, Okay, Suzume? ~ Mr. Perfect Is Toying With Me

“Maybe I’ll have you fall into me, Suzume.” Suzume, a clerk at a cafe, receives a business card from one of his regulars, a handsome businessman by the name of Miyaji. Not only that, but Suzume’s coworker tells him he thinks Miyaji has a thing for him! Not willing to just take being made fun of by a hot guy like that, Suzume decides to fight back…!! The next day, Suzume gets touchy-feely with Miyaji, but that doesn’t change Miyaji’s mature demeanor… or so he thought. At night, when it’s just the two of them at the cafe, a sudden passionate gaze and an intense kiss make Suzume’s hips ache sweetly…

I’m All Alone with a Carnivorous Beast Son of a Noble on an Uninhabited Island!? Moan All You Want

Don't you want to thank your savior? He's teasing me on my sensitive spots... I hate this guy, but I'm still feeling it! Following the clues of a big scoop, a weekly magazine reporter, Mio, went abroad for coverage by ship. When she came to her senses, she had landed on an uninhabited island... A shipwreck!? The person who saved Mio was Takato Masahiro, the missing son of a conglomerate. When she thought, "I'll get the scoop of my dreams," Takato pushed her down. "You and I are the only two people on this island. You understand the situation, right?" He licked her nipples with his hot tongue. It's useless, I can't hold my moans...!