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Girls’ University Club SEX Training ー I’m Made to Cum Again and Again During the Training Camp

Aaah! If you rub me there, I'm gonna lose my mind... A female college student, Serina, is approached by a boy from another school, Touma, during a dance club training camp. Touma gives a lesson to the shy and introvert Serina, but he soon stretches out his fingers toward her leggings and pussy...!? "Ahn!" "Stop teasing my nipples there!" "Eek... your fingers... they're amazing...!" "Ah! Not my insides!" Serina moans and pants to her first pleasure. The other club members are also involved in the endless lewd training camp...!

We’re Lovers Now! - This Big Mutt Moves Fast

Fashion student Subaru is on the hunt for a model for his next show when he happens upon an unfashionable young man on the train whose raw assets showed a lot of promise!! As he’s praying for the chance to see him again, the unfashionable guy from before, Kazue, shows up at his part-time job!? As his friend, Subaru teaches Kazue how to up his style game, and is blown away by the final result. “I knew he had a nice face…” Kazue agrees to be his model, but on one condition: “I’ll be your model if you go out with me”! Subaru really needs a model, so he agrees to date him without a second thought. But when he does, the now stunning Kazue forcibly puts his tongue in Subaru’s mouth…!?

Dream Guy Drinks a Love Potion and Goes Wild!

“You want to do it with me, don’t you?” Maoka, a serious businessman who doesn’t express a lot of emotions on his face, finds solace in drinking coffee poured for him by the handsome barista at the coffee shop nearby, Botan. He stops by Botan’s shop after work on his way home and is given a “love potion” by a lady he helped on the street. He gives the love potion to Botan on the spur of the moment, and all of a sudden Botan’s face is turned into that of a ravenous beast on the prowl for him!? “Does that feel good, Maoka?” Just like that, Botan kissed him deeply, took off his clothes, and was filling him with pleasure deep inside his body…! A love story full of hot guy pheromones.

I Can't Sleep With This Sex Animal

The boy that I fell in love with was a beast driven by lust. During high school, Aya was brutally rejected by the most troublesome student on campus: Hayate. However, three years later, she meets him again in an unexpected place and becomes his tutor...? The two of them are alone in a locked room, a dangerous area where the sinful smell of lust fills the room... There's no time for studying when he constantly harasses me! He rubs my nipples so lovingly, and my pussy gets all mushy and tender.... He finally confesses "I was so happy when you confessed to me," making Aya fall into a trance of embarassment and happiness.

She (?) Snuck into My Bedroom… “No… I’m Cumming!” Getting Teased by My Childhood Friend All Night Long

“I can’t believe that such a pretty girl… is licking my…!” My childhood friend Ryou has transformed into an exceptionally beautiful woman. The first time I saw her all grown up, I was so instantly lovestruck that I nearly felt like a man… And right now, that very same girl is creeping into my bed!? Try as I might to stop her, her slender, delicate fingers wrap gently around my body, causing me to moan with pleasure… But isn’t this wrong!? We’re both women! I want to resist, but my body won’t listen to my brain. And just as I start to wonder what I should do, she pulls something out from her crotch and utters the words, “I’m putting it in.” …Wait. Putting it in…? Putting what in!? Ryou, don’t tell me… you were a boy all along!?

The Innocent Gangster Searching For a Wife Loving You For a Lifetime

“I’ve been desiring you since a long time ago.” He caresses me so gently… Ah…! No, I can’t hold back my voice…!Chitose, an office worker, participates in a blind date party in order to forget about her ex, though she wasn’t too into it. It was then, that a handsome man, Touma, goes to chat with her, and confesses to her, saying she is his “fated one”! Since then, Chitose has been moved by Touma’s straightforwardness and thinks that “if I were to fall in love again, I want it to be him”. The two finally fall in love with each other, and spend a hot night together, where she feels ecstasy just from him touching her… Whilst on a date one day, Chitose finds out about Touma’s other identity. What will happen to this love…!?

Forced into heat by his scent!

Weren’t you jerking off here because you’re sexually frustrated? Niioka, a site supervisor, has a serious smell fetish. He loves the stuffy smell of sweat, making his workplace a real piece of heaven. Then, one day, he smells the scent of a scaffold worker on the site, Kagawa, and gets hard...!? Unable to bear with it, he going to the toilet to take care of it, but the guy himself shows up and declares "I got the urge to do you." I want to say no instantly, but I like your scent way too much... So much that I can't think straight!