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Don’t Rub It Against Me There...! Dirty Thrills Under Grinding Frills! Deep Penetration and Instant Orgasm SEX

"Stop iiit...! Don't rub it against me there any more...!" I'm on pool cleaning duty with this guy in my class today... but I forgot to wear a bra to school! I've been so sweaty, and my white blouse has been sticking to my skin so much you can see my nipples poking through! To make matters worse, this idiot boy decides to get carried away with his work, and sprays me with water, leaving me totally soaked! And now, on top of THAT, he's got his water hose wedged between my legs, and it's grinding against my crotch... I can't stop making these weird noises! This freaking idiot's teasing has gotten my pussy so soaking wet, no matter how hard I try I can't resist how good it feels... I keep cumming again and again...!!

Red Thread of Fate Melting on My Little Finger I Can’t Believe He’s My Fated Partner!!

Akari is able to see the red thread of fate which connects one pinky to another. One day, she finds one appearing on her own pinky... Connected to her archenemy, Seto, the development department's ace. To think that emotionless and cruel guy is her fated partner...!! She couldn't believe it, but after a series of unexpected occurances, the two got closer and closer... Akari fidgets as Seto's burning tongue enters her. He sucks on her erect nipples and teases her privates with his long fingers, making her drip with love juices... Even though I shouldn't like him... is the red thread of fate making me feel this way...!?

Although I'm a Straight Office Worker, A Freeloader is Making Me Moan Every Night

Office worker Naoto was saved from getting run over by a mysterious handsome guy, Taiju. However, because he had kept him company at the hospital, Taiju loses his home! Feeling guilty, Naoto invites him to his home, and repeatedly apologizes to him while drunk. Then Taiju drills his hot tongue in, saying that this was his job! Enjoying the sex with a guy he just met is definitely strange... but when he's the one doing me... I can't retaliate...!

Adultery With My Friend’s Husband ~The Wife Who Climaxes Countlessly in a Secret Relationship from Her Husband

“I have a husband… Don’t slide your fingers down there…!” Before I knew it, my pussy was soaking wet! My friend’s husband went hard at it… —— Momoko, who attends a yoga class, is invited by her smoking hot friend Aoi Morimoto to a sleepover. Late at night, she goes to the living room to get a glass of water when… she finds Aoi and her husband right in the middle of intense sex! Peeping on the two getting down, the scene is seared into her mind and she can’t stop thinking about it. Then one day, Aoi’s husband Hiroki comes knocking at her door...

Want to Learn SEX from a Pro? ~Sweet touches until you want more

“You’re covered in thick juice down here…” The caressing touches of a pro made a mess of my pussy, bringing me to orgasm without end–– I’m being pleasured like a porn actress…! Fledgling film director, Hinata (29), is still very much a novice… But seeing her potential, a more experienced colleague sends her into the world of porn for training. There, she meets Daichi, former #1 adult actor of the female friendly genre. With their backs against the wall, the two team up to create adult films!! And so, to combat the innocent and inexperienced Hinata’s habit of fainting during porn shoots, she starts learning about sex under Daichi’s skilled and tender care. “You’re quite sensitive, Hina.” If he keeps touching my erect clit and nipples like that, I’ll… I’m… Coming again… Aaah! Is romance and sex… really this intense…!?

Ten Years’ Worth of Love! Eat Up!

Takayuki is a daycare worker nearing 40 years of age. He meets Shun, a young part-timer, and although this is their first meeting, Shun’s smile seems nostalgic for some reason… During the children’s nap time, Shun embraces him and says, “We promised, right? That when I got older, we’d get married.” Shun’s warm tongue twists and turns as he begins to get hard. “Don’t worry. What I want from you is down here…” he says, while stroking Takayuki as he himself starts to get hard…! The love accidents just keep coming between this easily moved 38-year-old daycare teacher and his former student who tops from the bottom! It’s time for a bellyful of love – eat up!

Fucked with a Giant Dick from Behind while on the Phone - A Serious Wife’s Filthy SEX

I can't have an affair...! Maho is a housewife who is loved by her husband and leads a smooth marriage life. One day, at a cleaning shop she works part-time at, she witnesses the store manager having sex with one of his part-timers in the staff room. She sees how violent the unfriendly store manager can be when he has sex, and while being shocked, she gets excited. She has a desire to have an exciting sex like the ones in porn videos, but she has to hide her feelings. She escapes and is ready to go home, but the store manager calls her and asks, "Did you see it earlier?" Before she knows it, the manager has put his hands inside her panties and teased her wet pussy. "The smell turns me on." She knows she can't do it, but her body is accepting the pleasure. Did she start to realize her true desire...!?

The Newbie Host Gets Disciplined on the Bed

I'll teach you the secrets to pleasing your clients... You'll learn with your body. Rin has just quit the office working life and decided to become a host after falling for the clever offer of a scout. But, what he didn't expect was starting a host job at a club exclusive for men!! While he was drowning in regrets, the former number one host and current owner of the establishment, Itsuki, commented on his lack of motivation...!? Rin retorted before he realized what he was doing. "You used to be the top host. Did you have sex with men?" As he muttered the question, he felt his body get pushed back onto the sofa. "You need to be disciplined" Itsuki said and kissed him passionately as he used his fingers to melt him from the front and the back.

I’ll Have You Before He Does -Intense Love with Peerless Twins

Komachi met Akitaka and Fuyutaka when all of them were little. It was then when the twins proclaimed her their servant, and her freedom has been limited ever since. This is the reason why Komachi never had a chance to make a boyfriend. Now, however, her young boss has caught her eye... about which she tells the twins when the three of them are drinking together. This triggers weird reactions in Akitaka and Fuyutaka who start kissing and caressing her, with an intention to make her lose her mind. Komachi’s body reacts to their rough touch, while the two are debating which one of them will take her virginity.

Bathhouse Cowgirl Sex! Connecting with My Naked Childhood Friend…

His childhood friend's nipples stiffen, and the dirty juices overflowing from her pussy begin coating his fingers. This is taking a turn... All he wanted was to tease her, but now he's getting horny, too! Masato works at his family home, an old public bathhouse. After hours one night, when he goes to clean the baths, he's shocked to walk in on his childhood friend and college classmate Chihiro, right in the middle of washing her hair! Because she's always made fun of him, Masato hatches a plan to prank her by pretending to be one of her girl friends. As he begins by giving her a "boob massage"... suddenly, she starts moaning in an unusually cute tone of voice that sends Masato's crotch throbbing!! "If this goes on any longer, I'm... really gonna cum...!"

I’ll Risk My Life to Love You - A Dangerous Boss who is Pretending to be Innocent!?

I want you to mess me up to the point that I can't think of anything anymore... That's my request, but his sex is very gentle instead... "Don't hold it. Just leave it to me." No, I'm moaning... I just met this man, but why am I feeling it so much!? In a glimpse, she's a 30-year-old competent office lady. However, Tomomi is actually a "former delinquent," and she's continued to fail in romance because of that. One day, on her way home from drinking, she helps Yuzuru, who gets involved with thugs, and ends up spending the night with him. However, a few days later, a man who she thought was a one-night-only partner appeares in front of her as a brilliant boss ...!?

This Slut’s in the Midst of a Hot Love Scandal!

“I’ll give you special permission to cum inside me today.” Nanami is a reporter who uses his own lascivious body to get scoops for his weekly magazine. Nanami, who’s a bit of a show-off around work, is assigned as a mentor to their new employee, Shiose. Nanami’s not a fan of the pure and honest Shiose, and tries to expose his true nature by giving him his signature passionate blowjob, but Shiose tells him to “value himself more”. Nanami harassed him, so why is Shiose acting like he’s worried about him? And why does that make Nanami’s heart pound!?

I'll Have You if You Love Me That Much -The Flower Shop Prince Has Thorns

"Look, you're dripping, does it feel that good?"His fingers crept past the seam of my panties and inside... Oh no, I'm gonna cum!!I, Chisa, was completely unacquainted with the ways of love until, one day, I fell in love at the first sight of the super-popular flower shop clerk, Hagiya. He's as beautiful as any princely character out of a girls' comic, and my feelings welled up until I confessed them to him, and... "If you want to know me that badly, then I'll show you."He brought his lips close to mine, and a hand up my skirt... Agh... No, his fingers... So rough...! Hagiya's always so gentle, how could he be this perverted and harsh...!?

Love at First Sight with Your Cute Nipples

“Your nipples are perfect…” Sai is a college student who can’t find a part-time job to pay his bills. One day, he becomes so hungry he collapses in the middle of the street!! Waking up, he finds himself in the Kousaka Clinic, which is owned by an ultra-hot doctor. “Not only did that doctor carry me here, he’s also giving me a free examination! How nice of him…!” Is how it’s supposed to be, but, “W-why are you touching my nipples!?” With Dr. Kousaka feeling him up with his long fingers, Sai starts feeling good down there, too. Is… Is this really a medical examination??? Fetishes come out full-force in this love story between a friendly college student and a doctor who loves nipples.

Insertion Into a Lewd Spot...! Slippery and Sensitive Beauty Treatment in a Club Full of Girls

H-... Hey, how far are you going...? He teases that special spot lubed up with expensive oil...!! It's spring, the time for universities to hold their entrance ceremonies. His friend since childhood, Yua, takes him to the beauty club that's currently on the verge of disbanding. Even worse, he ends up having to make an oil massage as a test for joining because of a misunderstanding!? While rubbing his senior's body, he accidentally touches her breasts, provoking a steamy mood... Unable to hold back, he stimulates her nipples with slippery hands! When he slides further down and loosens her up with his fingers and his tongue, she lets out even sweeter moans...!!

Orgasm is the Essential Part of Sex!? When I Try to Teach My Dull Childhood Friend Thoroughly…

You want to know about love, don't you? Tell me what makes you feel good. Yui is reunited with her childhood friend at university. She aspires to be an artist, so she makes a request, "I want to make a good manga, so teach me about love!" It's an unreasonable request, and I'm trying to ignore it, but I end up kissing her with the intention of making her a little surprised. After that, Yui asks me for more than a kiss!? Yui's sensitive body is getting sweaty, and her face is starting to get hot... She's enchanted by her first pleasure, and when I see her, I can't control myself anymore... "Even if she asks me to wait now, I can no longer stop!"

Your Cumming Face Is Unforgivable The Mean-Spirited Boss Makes The Virgin Wet With One Hand

“I can’t always leave you looking so wanting…” I never thought I could be teased so much all night long with just one hand…! This is the start of a month of intimate caretaking. Himari, a designer in her third year with the company, is enjoying an evening stroll alone in the luxury apartment of her dreams where she has recently started living! Then, she meets her boss, Tsukasa, the star of the designing field, who also lives in the same apartment! Himari slips in surprise, and Tsukasa shields her, breaking his right hand, which is his dominant hand!!“I’ll take responsibility! I'll do anything, as Tsukasa’s caretaker...!"Himari meticulously washes all over his muscular body in the bath, and when she moves to the front, Fujisaki's thing is erected…!?“You know how to calm it down, don’t you?” He uses his uninjured left hand to grope Himari's breasts while he sweetly bites her nipples and rubs her sensitive pussy until she’s dripping…I can’t believe that with just one hand, he made me cum so much that I’m unable to stand…!

This Woman's Body Tells Lies

“Hey, Shouma… Have I maybe soured your rosy image of me?” Shouma works as a porter in a brothel. He was living a meager life that was far from the city life he longed for. Then, a miracle happens: He reunites with his first love, Yura Honjou. With her naturally gorgeous looks, Yura started working in the entertainment industry while she was still in high school, and was completely out of Shouma’s league. And now, she’s right beside him…? Shouma is completely ecstatic at this turn of events, and Yura is snuggled up right against him. With her warm breath in his ears, she reveals her body to him. “Y-Yura… We can’t… Do this…!” What is the fate of Shouma, who’s dancing right in the palm of Yura’s hand…!?

Work-at-Home Clerk, Cums on All Fours! Impatient Delivery Sex

To think he'd make me cum at a place like this...! Drenched from extreme orgasm at the front entrance... The remote office worker Naho has takeout for her meals, and a certain tan and muscular delivery man has been interesting her lately... One day, while receiving her delivery, she accidentally spills juice all over the two. The delivery man, unable to resist his lustful urges, kindly starts stimulating Naho's sensitive parts... Causing her body to heat up and react lewdly. She was made to get on her hands and feet while he teased her privates with his tongue... "I can't hold back anymore...!"

I Made Love to My Most Hated Coworker.

No... No more... I'm gonna... cum...! "I'll make you scream louder!" ――Maya Warita is terrified of her coworker Fumitaka Mori. He's short with all of the female staff, and she passes her days in fear of his arousing this cold man's fury, until the day she learns Mr. Mori's "unexpected weakness": when a woman touches him, he $%&s... To work together with him, Maya proposes that they become closer. When she comes to know the real Mr. Mori behind the seemingly-heartless facade, her heart begins to pound beat faster and she can't keep her body away from him... And he turns out to be hotter and thicker than expected, so she decides to bring him to intense climax over and over――

“That’s Too Bad... Should We Stop Here, Then?” My Reliable Senior is Dead Drunk and Begging Me for SEX

Can't you spoil me ...? When I see my senior's teary eyes, I can't control myself anymore! One day, Kyousuke Shiba, a young employee, decides to go drinking with Miyu Endo, his senior who helped him with his mistake. That night, when he takes his senior home, he's suddenly pulled and hugged!? When she's working, she's very firm and reliable, but now, she becomes so spoiled and cute... We hug each other, and when I lick her hard nipples, her panties become wet. Her pussy is soaked with love juice. As I touch her directly, she begins to moan dearly. My senior can't control herself, either. "That's too bad... Should we stop here, then?"

My Instructor Puts His Penis Inside Me While My Legs Spread Out In A Sexpose! ~ The Female Office Worker Drenched In Sweat Faints From Exhaustion During Her Yoga Session

This... isn't yoga... it's sex!! she says, faints in exhaustion, and comes after the instructor's penis thrusts inside of her during a sexpose.

Fast and Loose with a Devilish Little Model

“Your face and your cock are just my type.” Though he’s a great-looking guy, university student Daiki has trouble talking to women because he was raised in a family full of brothers. Then, he receives a job as a handyman to clean the home of the highly popular model, Kazuma! Far from the usual shining prince he impresses upon people, Kazuma is a full-fledged slut with a sharp tongue to match, and he sets his sights on Daiki. Devilishly sexy, he bribes Daiki with sex to keep his mouth shut! Daiki can’t keep his eyes from Kazuma, who shows his true colors only to him like a coy kitty cat, nor can he leave that easily turned-on and erotic body…

You Came During the Massage Earlier, Didn’t You? The Swimming Girl Is Weak Against Naughty Stimulus

"If you tease me there, I'll cum...!" The masseur's fingers are rubbing the body of Aoi Ayukawa, the ace of the swimming club, lewdly! She's not been feeling well, so she tries to get a massage to recover from her fatigue. When the nice-looking masseur loosens up her pectoral muscles, his fingers start teasing her nipples...!? On top of that, he begins to massage her with oil. "I can hear the shlupping sound from my pussy...!" It's embarrassing, but when he teases my sensitive spots, "It's a massage, but it feels so good!!" My super sensitive body can't stop cumming...!

I’ll Thrust At You Till You’re Full ~The Pure-Hearted Delinquent Devours As He Pleases!?

“Since you’re full, I’ll make you feel good now.”He suddenly kisses me like he is trying to devour me. No… If he keeps stirring me with his naughty fingers like that… I’ll cum!I’m Hono Suzumiya, 28 years old, and I’m an aspiring gourmet review writer. I always see this delinquent who wears a demon jacket at the supermarket I often go to, and I’m really scared of him. I thought I’d managed to avoid him today, but… He suddenly came to my apartment…! “Eat up! I’ll make you my captive.” What awaits me is his home-cooked food and intense sex!? He fills me up deep inside until I’m dripping… An unbelievable guy has taken a liking to me…!

The Sadistic Editor in Chief’s Forbidden Guidance

“What a sweet moan… Do me a favor and commit this feeling to memory, will you?” When romance novelist Keito Shinohara gets assigned a shrewd new editor, both his writing and his personal life get a whole lot steamier!

My Swimsuit Slipped... and It Went In!? A Mixed Synchronized Swimming Club with More Than Just Nip Slips in Store!

We're at practice... and yet... ah... nnh! Skin to skin, tightly stuck to one another underwater, the performance continues despite the pair fucking each other!Although he is male, Hiroto is forced to join the girls' synchronized swimming club, where on his first day he meets and gets into an argument with Meiko, a club member who famously hates men. As punishment, the two are forced to clean the pool together, during which Meiko is mortified to find that her clothes have become wet and see-through!"We'll never be able to swim together if I can't get over this," she admits, and for the sake of conquering her prejudices... starts having sex with him!? Stubbornly refusing to give in, she writhes in ecstasy despite her attempts to hold back as he caresses her entire body. "Th-this... ngh! Doesn't... feel good at all!" But this reaction of hers is too cute to bear, and so Hiroto begins concentrating on squeezing her tits! Unable to stop himself, his fingertips begin reaching out for her soaked and sensitive privates...!!

You’re the only one who gets me up ~Perfect sexual chemistry with a childhood friend

“We might have good chemistry.” My childhood friend’s big and hard thing is stirring up inside me, oh no... I’m gonna cum again...! Only I know the secret of the handsome and popular Makoto. He has erectile dysfunction! On that day, I was changing at Makoto’s house and he got hard between his legs!? Can’t be, why does he get up by me!? “Help me for a while.” He said, asking me to be his sexual partner. Makoto, who keeps getting erections at home and even at work, only desires me... Just when I thought we have to stop this type of relationship, Makoto said to me “Want to try being more than just childhood friends?”

Gal-guy! Come Have Some Pervy Fun with This Dirty Young Man

“I can’t believe leopard-print underwear actually exists...!” “Mnh…! Don’t lick me there…!” Convenience store worker Nao is a wholesome gal-guy with dreams of making it big. One day, regular customer Itaru shows up exhausted and at the end of his ropes, confesses his feelings to Nao when Nao calls out to him…! The next day, troubled by the barrage of presents Itaru gives him, Nao realizes they could have a win-win relationship if they both listen to each other’s requests. However, Itaru’s requests slowly but steadily get more sexual, going from saying his name → hand-holding → kissing (!?) → the real thing (!??)!

“The Aphrodisiac Made Me Cum...!”I’m the Only Guy Who’s Seen This Plain Girl’s Lewd Face

February 14th, Valentine's Day. I thought this day had nothing to do with me, a plain girl who had never had experience with sex before, but... the "aphrodisiac effect" in the chocolate I ate made my body feel hot, it was unbearable! Morever, when I was planning to go home early, I ended up working overtime with a male colleague who seemed to be fond of having sex. I couldn't take it anymore... "I want to have sex!" He touched my breasts and nipples with his fingers and it felt so good! Is this how it feels when our whole body is the erogenous zone!? Every time his thick fingers stirred up my insides, I would moan... This is not me... This is the aphrodisiac's fault... I can't let him put his dick in, but...!

I Love my Best Friend

Is this how you always get? I had no idea. Yoichi and Shige have been best friends since elementary school. Yoichi used to be in love with Shige, but in order to stay friends, he was supposed to have thrown those feelings away... However, Shige suddenly flips their relationship on its head when he suddenly asks, "Hey, Yoichi. Let me eat your dick." In just an instant, Yoichi suddenly has his dick in Shige's mouth...!! Yoichi was supposed to have given up on Shige, but Shige's passionate blowjob backs Yoichi's heart and body into a corner... And the moan he accidently lets slip from his mouth only eggs Shige on, leading the situation to escalate! A forgotten love is rekindled in this possessively passionate love-story between two friends!

Sleeping Niece, Sneaky Uncle.He Teases Her All Night On A Hot Summer Night…

The uncle's hands creep up on his niece's perfect boobs. Her body, which has been trained without her knowing, begins to get wet just by having her nipples touched... Airi started a part-time job at a beach hut run by her uncle during the summer vacation. She had a good time there with the help of her gentle and cheerful uncle, but when she was sleeping, her uncle was playing with her body!? "See? You're sucking my fingers like crazy. I think I can put it in now." He caressed his niece persistently while she was sleeping. He licked her, teased her, and finally...!!

A Frisky Noble

“She’s the only one in this world... I want to hold her as soon as possible.”Natsuki is in serious trouble. Her father has left her with a huge debt of a million dollars. As she’s being chased by the lenders, mysterious men appear out of nowhere and pay the entire debt in her stead. In a state of utter confusion, she’s taken to an enormous manor, where she meets the man of the house, Hayato Jinguji. To Natsuki’s surprise, the young man claims that she belongs to him. Breathing heavily, he pushes her onto a bed and, with a bewitching look on his face, seals her lips with an intense kiss. Why does this stranger man desire Natsuki so much?

The Jobless Girl and the Author -A Room and Three Meals, Plus Sex

“Show me just how disheveled you can be” he says as he tortures her just-cum overly sensitive body again and again, turning that place deep inside her into a dripping hot mess...! When Misaki’s company goes under and she is left jobless, the position she takes while at the end of her rope turns out to be... as a stand in for the popular novelist Mangetsu Saeki!? She supposes that to mean that she’ll just be doing interviews in his place... when she is suddenly shoved down onto his futon. He wants to have sex with her to try out ideas for his new novel!? His finger and tongue manipulate her against her will turning Misaki into someone who can do nothing but moan. “Seems you cry out in a rather cute way... However, now it’s time for the real thing.” Misaki can do nothing but grow more and more out of sorts as she cums again and again...!!

I’m Being Hunted Down by my Slutty Superior for my Abnormally Large Schlong!?

On the rainy day that Kumano resigns from his job because of his big schlong, he runs into a small, cute guy named Miyake, and gets completely soaked!! When Miyake invites him to his home as an apology, Kumano’s girthy johnson gets turned on by his sly eroticism…!! When Miyake realizes, he says “If this goes in me, I think my body might break!” and starts shaking his hips…!? Afterwards, Kumano returns home like he’s trying to escape, but when he starts working at his new job, he finds the same Miyake there that he had such a tempestuous encounter with just a few days before…!! Secretly sadistic subordinate with a monster dong x Slutty superior with a proclivity for sexual harrassment. ★ A stimulating office worker love story!

No Way, a Molester at a Capsule Hotel!?“You’re the One Who Entered the Wrong Room, Right?”

If you don't wake up, I'll put it in. Her pussy gets wet just because I tease it a little while she's sleeping. She's too sexy, I can't hold it anymore...! One day on a business trip, when I enter the capsule hotel I'm staying at, I see a girl sleeping there while holding my wallet...! I thought she was a thief, so I started to play with her sleeping body, calling it "punishment". When I suck and rub her soft big breasts, a pleasant moan begins to leak from her lips even though she's supposed to be sleeping, and when I rub my dick against her wet pussy...!!

And yet I’m the only one ~This man, his way of loving is top class.

“It’s fine, just shut up and feel.” Normally he acts superior but... His voice has become sweeter, like being devoured in a passionate kiss, like the tenderness of touching something fragile; everything is... Sexual and unfair. A patterner named Akira takes a swing at the company president, with a sense of justice for her junior employees. She is fired and also expelled from the company dormitory as well. Then, her friend from her college days, Nachi, appears in front of her. Akira had distanced herself from him for a reason, but he chased after her, “Why are you running from me?” “The body is truthful. Cum as much as you’d like.” Stirring up her inside with those long fingers... Don’t want to feel it but damnit, gonna cum...! Are you trying to get back at me by touching me like this? Or could it be... Falling too deeply into obsession making living together dangerous!!

Sugar Dating

I'm counting on you. I want the best. Our protagonist is Keita, a young man barely scraping by day-to-day. After he wins a rare game of pachinko, he finds the courage to talk up a woman: the beautiful Rinko, who is unexpectedly receptive to his advances! "Today's my lucky day!"But Keita's elation is short-lived, as he soon realizes that Rinko has actually mistaken him for a mysterious man named "K", renowned as an "artist" among his female clients! In search of pleasure, Rinko sidles up to Keita... "Hey... How long do you plan to keep me in suspense?" But what could she possibly be expecting? Keita is practically a virgin!!

The Love Of Shadow Hinata

Which is the real me?The 18 years old heroine, Hinata Yuuki, lost her memories in an accident. Despite this, she lives an energetic life, until one day, strange things start happening to her: a diary that doesn’t belong to her, a handsome guy who she has never met before suddenly talks to her, and an abnormal constitution that makes her fall asleep at a certain time.The mystery deepens, and love begins. This is a romance x mystery unlike no other!

You can grope it, if only 10 times... Seeing the unexpectedly pleased face of a childhood friend, without thinking turns into full on sex.

You can grope my boobs but... Only 10 times. --“There's a concert that I really want to go to, so let me stay over.” That is what childhood friend, Mayu, said when coming to his house. This being the first time seeing each other since graduating high school, she grew up a bit but... Her big boobs haven't changed. Having work the next day and finding her a nuisance, Takahiro who was set on having her leave tells her “If you let me grope your boobs, I'll let you stay.” Even with a red face, she surprisingly replied with OK... The reply was unexpected but thinking once he groped her a little she'd definitely leave, so Takahiro came from behind... Gently rubbing Mayu's large boobs. Mayu gradually let's out sweet moans and climaxes once her nipples are caressed. Mayu has acquired her right to stay for “today.” However, from tomorrow she doesn't have a place to stay. In order to stay at Takahiro's house for longer, their actions go into overtime.

Living Together with a Fierce Gangster ー An Absolute Sex that Results in Either Life or Death!?

Whoa, you're super wet. Your sensitivity is good, you pass. No, what's this!? My whole body is twitching! Nagisa is a homeless girl who sleeps in the park for some reason. However, on a stormy night, a young gangster, Taiga, saves her and pins her down by force. He uses his fingers and tongue to play with her insides. Nagisa cries and moans to her first pleasure. "You're so lively like a boy, but you react like a pure woman. I like it. You'll be my girl now." Nagisa's body becomes more and more lewd due to his rough, violent sex...!

This Guy at the Gym Is Way Too Hot!! - He’ll Even “Practice” With Me at Night!

You're so skinny, you look like one of my girl friends... Rejected by the girl he likes, Yuto, at the recommendation of a friend, goes to the gym. There, he meets a hot personal trainer, Kyoya. In the middle of a personal training session, the sexy Kyouya plays with Yuto's chest, and Yuto's body temperature shoots up as the two come within kissing distance...! On top of that, he gets a boner, for some reason...! Kyouya, meanwhile, sits in bed thinking about how to win over the cute, but straight, Yuto... Thus begins the start of an intimate love training session between a straight college student and his gym trainer!

A Wife who Gets Teased Continually by a Masseur ー A Massage that Makes Me Cum Behind My Husband’s Back

It's just a massage... Why am I feeling it...? He teases her sensitive spots all over until she cums. Haruka, who's been married to her husband for five years, hasn't had sex with him recently. If we go on a trip, he may want to touch me again...? That's what she hopes for, but her husband falls asleep immediately. She has time to spare, so she asks for a massage, but the one who comes is Koga, a middle-aged masseur. He is quiet and skillful, but when she gets relaxed with his solid technique, his fingertips begin to crawl to her breasts. He teases her nipples gently, and they get hard. Her body feels hot, and her breathing gets rough. When Koga's fingertips reach Haruka's precious spot... "Don't... I'm cumming!!"

My Childhood Friend's an Overly-Attached Love Monster!

Mitsuki's troubled. His friend since childhood, Minoru, is stuck to him like glue every moment of the day, be it at lunch break, when he's taking a bath, or when he's sleeping. There's no way this isn't weird...!! To top it all off, he finds out that his friend has a trauma after he brings him to a mixer...!! Minoru asks him to help him practice to fix it, which somehow leads to Mitsuki having his tip rubbed in the restroom while his friend calls his name in a feverish voice. "We're best friends, right...?" Read the romantic comedy between an overly-attached top and and oblivious bottom!

I was Drunk and Made to Cum Violently, It was Merciless Sex with My Loser Senior

Not only is he good at work, he's also handsome and popular. However, despite of being such a perfect senior, Tachibana is actually a total scum! Yukine, a new employee who gets drunk at the welcome party, is supposed to be taken home by Tachibana, but he takes her to a hotel instead. When she's still half conscious, he keeps teasing her good spots... She wants to resist, but she doesn't have any strength...! He plays with her body until she becomes wet, and he makes her cum so many times that she's about to collapse...!

Happy Family

Here's a charm to cheer you up. Come drink Mom's milk. Kaho, a normal office worker, was looking forward to her engagement with her lover, Ryota. However, Kaho's normal life takes a sudden turn after Ryota's mother is hospitalized because of an accident. Contrary to her gentle appearance, the mother casts a disturbing gaze towards Kaho... Hidden there was a suspicious relationship that transcended the normal affection between a parent and their child. While she was starting to feel uneasy about Ryota's actions, Kaho consults his father, Tetsuya, and slowly becomes attached to him...

It Turns Me on when You Toy with Me...! Affair with Mrs. Manager

“Oh no... I came so easily again...”Kaho’s bold workmate makes her taste the pleasure of adultery.Although Kaho is a married woman, her friends force her to go with them on a group blind date. To her surprise, she meets there her subordinate, Kyosuke Mikami!“A married woman going on a blind date... Do you know how bad it is, Mrs. Manager?” whispers Mikami. Sitting next to her, he slips his hand into her underwear. He finds her sensitive points without mistake and starts stroking them. With all her weak points exposed, Kaho can’t resist. “At this rate... He’ll make me come!”

The Kiss of My Subordinate Who Looks Like My Fave Makes Me Weak in the Knees ~ Drenched on Top of the Desk

So sexy... You're drenched. Her subordinate touches her deepest spots with his hot tongue and gentle fingers... This is the story of Iori, a capable office lady whose team trusts her at work. But she actually loves reading manga and playing dating sims! One day, she meets Miyoshi, a new employee at her job that she gets placed in charge of training... the only problem is that he looks exactly like her favorite game character!! She can't stop fantasizing about situations like in her game happening... to the point that she has a dream about passionately kissing her favourite. "You're so sexy..." His sweet voice resounds, makig her wake up to Miyoshi pushing her down to the bed...!!?

I’ll Make This Yakuza My Prisoner!

“Do you really think those cute little kisses will be enough to take me down?" Chikage, the son of a yakuza boss, is in love with his father’s second-in-command, Aizawa. In order to be close to Aizawa, Chikage wants to join the clan in the future, but both his father and Aizawa are fiercely opposed to the idea. But Chikage’s feelings towards Aizawa, who had cared for him and loved him since he was little, had long since turned to love…! He decides that he’s going to use his body and anything else he can to sway Aizawa over to his side!! When Chikage desperately tries to kiss him, Aizawa used his tongue to tease him sweetly and deeply, and then slid his hot and naughty hand into his pants…!?

I’ll Eat Every Last Part of Your Body: The Starving Wolf is Too Huge!

“Himari, you’re so light, it feels like you’ll break…” “You’re so deep…! Don’t thrust so much…” Himari’s entire body is completely wrapped around by a younger man whose size is twice her own. When Himari, who works as cafeteria staff at a university, is buried under the passengers of a cram-packed bus, she’s saved by a tall student who lifts her body up. She bumps into him again during a late-night bus ride, and the two of them accidentally oversleep all the way to the last stop. There, the day comes to an end. The young man suggests staying at a love hotel and Himari is forced to spend her night there…!? On top of that, he tells her, “Since you don’t have a boyfriend, it’s fine. I’m pretty good, you know?” and suddenly Himari finds herself lifted from the ground, dangling, then pressed into bed! His long fingers reaching deep inside her, Himari becomes thirsty for more. D-don’t put a cock that huge in me! I’ll break…!!!

Girls’ University Club SEX Training ー I’m Made to Cum Again and Again During the Training Camp

Aaah! If you rub me there, I'm gonna lose my mind... A female college student, Serina, is approached by a boy from another school, Touma, during a dance club training camp. Touma gives a lesson to the shy and introvert Serina, but he soon stretches out his fingers toward her leggings and pussy...!? "Ahn!" "Stop teasing my nipples there!" "Eek... your fingers... they're amazing...!" "Ah! Not my insides!" Serina moans and pants to her first pleasure. The other club members are also involved in the endless lewd training camp...!

We’re Lovers Now! - This Big Mutt Moves Fast

Fashion student Subaru is on the hunt for a model for his next show when he happens upon an unfashionable young man on the train whose raw assets showed a lot of promise!! As he’s praying for the chance to see him again, the unfashionable guy from before, Kazue, shows up at his part-time job!? As his friend, Subaru teaches Kazue how to up his style game, and is blown away by the final result. “I knew he had a nice face…” Kazue agrees to be his model, but on one condition: “I’ll be your model if you go out with me”! Subaru really needs a model, so he agrees to date him without a second thought. But when he does, the now stunning Kazue forcibly puts his tongue in Subaru’s mouth…!?

Dream Guy Drinks a Love Potion and Goes Wild!

“You want to do it with me, don’t you?” Maoka, a serious businessman who doesn’t express a lot of emotions on his face, finds solace in drinking coffee poured for him by the handsome barista at the coffee shop nearby, Botan. He stops by Botan’s shop after work on his way home and is given a “love potion” by a lady he helped on the street. He gives the love potion to Botan on the spur of the moment, and all of a sudden Botan’s face is turned into that of a ravenous beast on the prowl for him!? “Does that feel good, Maoka?” Just like that, Botan kissed him deeply, took off his clothes, and was filling him with pleasure deep inside his body…! A love story full of hot guy pheromones.

I Can't Sleep With This Sex Animal

The boy that I fell in love with was a beast driven by lust. During high school, Aya was brutally rejected by the most troublesome student on campus: Hayate. However, three years later, she meets him again in an unexpected place and becomes his tutor...? The two of them are alone in a locked room, a dangerous area where the sinful smell of lust fills the room... There's no time for studying when he constantly harasses me! He rubs my nipples so lovingly, and my pussy gets all mushy and tender.... He finally confesses "I was so happy when you confessed to me," making Aya fall into a trance of embarassment and happiness.

She (?) Snuck into My Bedroom… “No… I’m Cumming!” Getting Teased by My Childhood Friend All Night Long

“I can’t believe that such a pretty girl… is licking my…!” My childhood friend Ryou has transformed into an exceptionally beautiful woman. The first time I saw her all grown up, I was so instantly lovestruck that I nearly felt like a man… And right now, that very same girl is creeping into my bed!? Try as I might to stop her, her slender, delicate fingers wrap gently around my body, causing me to moan with pleasure… But isn’t this wrong!? We’re both women! I want to resist, but my body won’t listen to my brain. And just as I start to wonder what I should do, she pulls something out from her crotch and utters the words, “I’m putting it in.” …Wait. Putting it in…? Putting what in!? Ryou, don’t tell me… you were a boy all along!?

The Innocent Gangster Searching For a Wife Loving You For a Lifetime

“I’ve been desiring you since a long time ago.” He caresses me so gently… Ah…! No, I can’t hold back my voice…!Chitose, an office worker, participates in a blind date party in order to forget about her ex, though she wasn’t too into it. It was then, that a handsome man, Touma, goes to chat with her, and confesses to her, saying she is his “fated one”! Since then, Chitose has been moved by Touma’s straightforwardness and thinks that “if I were to fall in love again, I want it to be him”. The two finally fall in love with each other, and spend a hot night together, where she feels ecstasy just from him touching her… Whilst on a date one day, Chitose finds out about Touma’s other identity. What will happen to this love…!?

Forced into heat by his scent!

Weren’t you jerking off here because you’re sexually frustrated? Niioka, a site supervisor, has a serious smell fetish. He loves the stuffy smell of sweat, making his workplace a real piece of heaven. Then, one day, he smells the scent of a scaffold worker on the site, Kagawa, and gets hard...!? Unable to bear with it, he going to the toilet to take care of it, but the guy himself shows up and declares "I got the urge to do you." I want to say no instantly, but I like your scent way too much... So much that I can't think straight!

She’s in Her 30s but Weak to Sex!? Screw Her Hard and She Turns into a Slut!

When landlord of a rundown apartment building, Chiaki Kusakabe, returns to his room after finishing cleaning for the day, he is shocked to find a gigantic water leak coming from the second floor! His upstairs neighbor, a troublemaker named Nao, is the only possible culprit, and he dashes to her room to investigate. But in a bizarre twist, he finds her on the floor, completely nude! Crazier still, upon approaching her he suddenly slips and falls, and before he knows it, he's completely inside her! "I said, stop...!" Nao, try as she might to resist Kusakabe as he fondles her soft body and licks her perky nipples, looks up at him with reddened cheeks and glassy eyes... There is no way he'll be able to stop himself from pounding her soaked pussy!

Miss, It's All the Way In. I'm Being NTR'd by a Part-Timer.

Getting my insides stimulated by the young man's rough thrusts, which are completely different from the gentle sex with my husband…

Boss, How about an Affair?

More than a boss, but not quite a lover.The current worry of Moe Amamiya, who works at a medium-sized lingerie company, is that her sex life with her husband is practically nonexistent. Whatever she does, whether it’s dropping subtle hints here and there or trying to seduce him outright, nothing resonates with him... But then, on the day she and her husband hit a new record in the number of days without sex, Moe gets called over by her boss and colleague, Shinozaki. The two of them share a “little secret” that's going on in a secluded fitting room area...“If you keep this up, I’m going to cheat on you.”

Beloved Succubus Belongs to a Guard Dog

Shiki, who gets randomly hit on by the other guys all the time, has only one male friend, an underclassman Atsuya. Since he can talk and joke around with him like normal friends do, Atsuya has taken a special place in his heart. However, after finding out that Atsuya has a crush on someone, Shiki starts to feel a strange thirst and a burning sensation in his body. Gradually losing control over his growing desire, Shiki kisses Atsuya in a daze. What’s the truth behind Shiki’s behavior...?! The awkward but loyal watchdog and a guy magnet of a boy’s tantalizing love affair with younger top!!

Do You Understand the Meaning of Living with a Man? Childhood Friend Reasoning Has Reached Its Limit

“You don’t understand. I am a man!” Intertwining with the tongue of a lustful childhood friend... I can’t, I’m going to collapse! – Miku, with a one-way unrequited love for her childhood friend Masato, follows him to Tokyo after they are split apart due to him finding employment. Miku stubbornly insists on living together but there is a sudden change in the once kind Masato!? “I’ll show you what it means to live with a man.” Having her nipples viciously licked, Miku’s body responds sensitively to her first experience of pleasure... This can’t be true... I can’t believe Mah-kun is doing this!

The Man of the Island’s Unmatched Way of Capturing Me - Being Completely Loved on the Sea

“I wouldn’t leave her alone if I had a girlfriend as cute as you.”Under the stars, embraced in his strong and tanned arms, the tip of his tongue gently inserts in… I shouldn’t do this, but... Why can't I refuse…!?On the day of their trip, Sachi’s boyfriend cancels on her and she heads to the southern islands alone. She meets the local guide, Taiga, and accepts his invitation to go on a night cruise. “Are you really happy? You look like you might cry at any minute to me.” Before she knows it, they are alone on the boat, as he whispered sweet nothings to her and intensely desired her. He lickes her vigorously and thrusts her repeatedly…No way, the way he's using his hips... I know I shouldn’t be doing this, but it feels so good...!