Love Manga's recommendations♥ Falls in love with Sexy, Spicy and Sadistically man..

He Manages Me Sadistically The Sudden and Dark Cohabitation

“Weren’t you more messed up before?” That night, I lost my “first time” in the midst of a traumatic situation…! Juri, who was desperately looking for a job, got a job offer from Ichijo, who she reconnected with at a reunion. But the job turned out to be a resident assistant at her alma mater! And she has to live with Ichijo… “Your hips are moving, I guess your body doesn’t lie…” The students are right by but he shoves himself in from behind, she can’t stop making noises, her body is losing control and is about to melt, she’s mortified but can’t figure out why she can’t say no…

Bird-in-a-cage Lover

In the Taisho period, a girl named Suzu comes to Tokyo to look for a job to send her family money. She is attacked by some guys and gets injured on her way home. A guy from a rich family named Kaname Hanabusa helps her and brings her his home. "Why does he touch me so gently and wash my body?" Kaname desires Suzu's body night and day. "You say I'm just a little girl to you, but what's the name of your act that you do to me?"

29 years old, Single, Living with the CEO?

I'll make sure you'll have a good time. ---29-year-old virgin, Chiaki, housesits her uncle's big house. She enjoys her freedom living by herself for the first time, but a strange man shows up at the house suddenly claiming he also lives in the house. He turns out to be the president of the company where Chiaki works! He caresses her in the bathroom, during dinner, at the office, and melts her body...What do you mean this is a secret project of the company...?

The Rough and Deep Second First Love

“Nao”, who lost her family as a child, loses Arata, her fiancé, her only support in an accident. Unable to withstand loneliness, she throws herself into a river during a storm. She awakens in a old shack. There, Nao witnesses a mysterious man with the exact same face as Arata. “I won’t let you go back to him” The man spits out, and forcibly steals Nao’s lips. “Please… Stop… Nnh” Sighs spill uncontrollably, and areas that are caressed become hot and moist… She knows the man isn’t Arata, but she can’t say no. “Nao…” he calls in the same voice as him. Who… are you?

Living with a Sadistic Beast

You're my secretary. I can use you however I want… "Why do I have to do this?"-----Hina Nakaya works as a secretary and at a business meeting gets sexually harassed by Masaomi Hifumi, the CEO of the client company. After the meeting, Masaomi suddenly kisses Hina. She headbutts him and escapes from him. One day, Hina's mother introduces her fiance and his son, who's going to be Hina's step brother, whom Hina is very surprised to see again...

The Forged Night With A Sadistic Serviceman: Cry with your lovely voice

Chiyoka has no interest in anything other than sword fighting. One day, she finds a service man making a woman cry; she attacks him with her wooden sword, but gets beaten like nothing. Her parents bring up a potential marriage proposal, and the potential husband happens to be the naval officer that beat her, Yoshimi. On top of that, the two proceed with a loveless marriage, and get married. On their first night, Chiyoka is told that “This is what married couples do” and gets pinned down on the bed. “Your skin… it’s so white” he tells her, as if he’s used to handling women. His caresses continue… Chiyoka’s eyes and heavy breathing makes Yoshimi even more aroused, but this man is actually…!!

Lewd Red StringsThe night I fell for a sadistic demon

Look at you wetting yourself like this. My hands are sticky with your nectar.-------On the night Koharu turns twenty, a guy named Sayle, who claims himself that he's a devil, showed up to Koharu's house suddenly. He insists that Koharu is a half-devil-half-human, and says he comes to take her as a bride..."I'm starving. My maindish is you," says Sayle as he fondles Koharu's body erotically! He spreads her legs in front of the mirror, caresses until the love juice pours out...Koharu is at her limit with an endless ecstasy! What does he mean that I'm a bride of a devil...?

My House Servant is Naughty and Cocky with Secrets…

Karen is a director at a TV station. She decides to hire a housemaid because she doesn't have time for housework, but the person she hired is actually a man! This guy has an IQ of 200, and very sadistic. He requires rewards after his perfect houseworks!! Also he seems to hold some secrets...

What happens when you meet your ex at a group date?

You said, 'stop' even though you're dripping wet, huh? Says Kawashima as he fondles Eri's body---Eri, who used to be a geeky country girl, now is a popular girl in Tokyo. She can catch any man she wants at the group date, but inside of her, she always feels empty. One day, she runs into Kawashima, who turned down Eri's love confession in high school, at the blind group date. He tells her that she's full of fakes, "You're forcing yourself" and "I'll rip off your mask." He ties Eri's arms and legs, blind-folds her, and fondles her breasts and her vagina at the same time. Kawashima is sadistic and pushy, but Eri's body gets hotter and hotter...

I Want to Train You and Break You: Black Butler's Sadistic Service

"Let me begin your lessons for today, M'lady"-----Yume is the daughter of a prestigious family. She lives with her butler, Shiki, who teaches her languages, politics, economics, etiquette, and everything that she needs. At night, he teaches her the special lesson to prepare her body to accept man. Yume tries to understand this is all for her family, but she can't help but have special feelings for Shiki...