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Too Close for Love

The ultimate "stepbrother" I can't escape from.
My father remarried and now I have a younger brother. He is fearless and handsome.
To be honest, I'm in trouble because he's really my type. I tried to keep my distance so I wouldn't fall for him even more, but Motoya kept coming on to me and asking if I liked him, so I lost control and we became a bit too intimate...
I'm not sure how long I can endure the fierce attacks of my pushy brother-in-law, who keeps trying to seduce me...?!

My Androgynous Syndrome

Which do you like better, Yukino? Front or back?
High school boy Yoh Yukino has a secret. He is intersex, which means he has both male and female genitalia.
He has never made any friends in school and has always been alone, but Ichinomiya, the bad boy in his grade, finds out his secret.
As Ichinomiya's fingers play with his crotch, Yukino gets carried away and gives his virginity to him.
Their relationship started with casual sex, but they are inexperienced and sweetly awkward with each other.
When Ichinomiya tells him he's cute, Yukino's heart starts to waver...?
"I am a boy… or a girl…?"

My Androgynous Mechanism

You really love anal, don't ya?
Yoh Yukino is a beautiful intersex school student, and he's dating his classmate Ichinomiya, a tough guy with a strong sex drive and a scary face.
In school, Yukino meets fascinating honor student Tsuzuki, who tells him this secret and sexually abuses him.
Yukino is upset, Ichinomiya burns with jealousy, and as a result, the two make passionate love.
After a while, Yukino realizes the hasn't got his period.
"I had never really given much thought to the idea of getting pregnant with a body like mine…"