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Dr.quench remake

In the hands of Yumichiro Gondo, a genius cosmetic surgeon who has a foul mouth but is highly skilled, you can make any appearance you want. A medical comic that opens up a new era and saves the hearts of many modern people who are trapped in their own beauty and ugliness!

The Bradherley Carriage

It was the dream of the girls at the orphanage to be adopted by the wealthy Brad Halley family. Filled with expectations, the girls arrive inside a dark, dark wall. A terrifying and terrifying nightmare begins…

A World with ORGADOLLS

In a future where artificial creatures created by genetically modifying humans (organic dolls) exist, they are used in all kinds of daily life, from comfort to military purposes, and the story is an unconventional epic poem.

My Childhood friend looks too good

Haruka, who is good-looking and popular with both boys and girls, and Keiichi, who has a deep inferiority complex about Haruka, have been friends since childhood. Keiichi begins to overcome his complex with men’s makeup... On the other hand, the childhood friend begins to express his hidden love for Keiichi, who is gradually changing.