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I love it keep it coming :D
Jul 15
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OMG, I love it! Yuri the best.
Jul 13
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OMG, This is amazing, I can totally relate to the main character, I want to thank the writer for writing such a wonderful Manga!!
Jul 12
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I will update my review if things change
For now (just the first chapter)
It is needlessly trying to be complicated and ending up being confusing
Mainly because I can't really recognize the characters and who is thinking and saying what

Still gonna read it for the potential Yuri
Jul 11
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I really love the backstory of the teacher!
Jul 10
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This manga is so good, you should really read this it has suspense and thrill and its really intense and it feels so real.

Jul 09
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It has some good art, but its a bit confusing, and doesn't have much of a plot. Wouldn't recommend it to a friend.
Jul 09
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I won't write any spoilers. I'll just say, it was very... surprising
Jul 09
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adorable story, good character development with Yukimi
Jul 09
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