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I can't put it down. I am new to Manga but so far I love it.
Mar 21
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I dont understand the last chapter. English please...
Mar 20
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Mar 20
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when will be the next update? omooo im so excited i love it its so cool i love you author xoxo
Mar 20
thumb_up 16
That fist chapter was amazing can't wait for more witch sisters is the best.
Mar 16
thumb_up 110
I agree with the other fellow, love this manga just wish the updates would come by.
Mar 16
thumb_up 37
Great manga! Waiting for the new chapter.
Mar 13
thumb_up 43
it is a very funny manga ,worth reading.
Mar 12
thumb_up 29
I Love the Concept of this Manga need more episodes please... thanks and keep up the good arts.
Mar 12
thumb_up 1990
really good ^^ the art is admirable and the whole world of this manga is beautifully imaginative :3 can't wait for more
Mar 11
thumb_up 1113
5 stars for u!!!!I luv this story! it's soft and sweet and has a very imaginative twist ^^
Mar 09
thumb_up 19
This is so adorable!!it's sweet and reminds me of when I was a kid. I would always be so imaginative with imaginary friends ^^. I can't wait for more!!! I strongly recommend this to anyone who loves a childlike adventure and absolute adorableness!!!!!!<3
Mar 09
thumb_up 15
luv this!!!^w^ can't wait for more! All the characters unique personalities are awesome and the story line is even more awesome!! <3
Mar 09
thumb_up 34
this is adorable ^^ and hilarious on how it turned out. it's short and sweet and the art work is admirable
Mar 09
thumb_up 30
Sounds cool so far ^w^ reminds me of Bleach
Mar 08
thumb_up 7
That was adorable ^w^ it's simple and cute. Luv it <3. I hope there will be more
Mar 08
thumb_up 25