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About The Authors

Ryo Konno

This manga might have intended to depict one moment in the history, but at the same time the structural exploitation of people and their struggle to win over their freedom along with the conflicts that accompany it, I think is something that even we, the current generation, can still sympathize today. It is true that Japanese manga often developed around its characters. What are they thinking? What are they going to do? That's why, I tried my best to draw a character that can relate to anyone regardless of the time, place and position. I would be happy if you can feel something from our Jose and also from the other characters too.

Takahiro Matsui

There has been an endless debate regarding Jose Rizal, the revolutionary hero of Philippine. Is he a revolutioner? Or a reformer? It is true that Rizal reformed the society through education and labor, but can it also be a part of a revolution? According to a recent study, Rizal did not deny that he is a revolutioner, but there seems to be various opinion regarding this. In this manga, we picked one episode from Jose Rizal's 35-years-of-life and tried to convey his anguish as a human being. Is it the revolution? Or is it reform? No single explanation can solve this question. Regardless of your opinion about that, I would be grateful if you can appreciate the humanism of Jose Rizal's who fiercely fought for freedom and human equality.


Damn. Paciano's hot.
So that's Paciano?? *Q*
Peter Wong

Jose Rizal # 2