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In the land now known as the Philippines, there was a time when colonial Spain ruled for more than 300 years. During a period when native Filipinos once called Indios were oppressed, exploited, and stripped of their human rights, Jose Rizal was born on the outskirts of Manila.

"What does it mean to be a Filipino?"
"Is it possible to incite change through knowledge and not violence?"
He thought of those every day.

A doctor, novelist, and a painter who can speak 15 languages, Jose Rizal is a legendary figure who brought about national revolution through one epic novel!
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Seinen Manga
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The story alone is super great then adding more sophisticated and clean art style is absolutely amazing!!!!! Hope to see this Manga become anime someday<3 <3 <3
Oct 21
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Jannelle PelicanoAlexandra
How can I read this for free?
Aug 23
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I cried reading this.
Thank you so much for making this manga
Jul 15
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DiazKate Louelle
Thank you so much Jose Rizal for our country.Its so sad that Rizal died for our country.
Jun 22
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