Reviews / Absolute Obedience 〜If You Don't Obey me〜

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Only a sith deals in absolutes.
Apr 03
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Mar 17
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I like this story I only read until chapter ten though cause that's all my tickets would let me and I will not pay for coins
Feb 07
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wowww !!! I love this manga
Feb 01
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Ngọc TrangNguyễn
good boy
Jan 23
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This is the best book I’ve ever read.
Dec 29
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I think I fell in love with them!
Dec 27
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This book is a really good book, in my opinion. The two main characters seem to have conflict in the beginning, but soon after, get along, then more conflict. It's a never-ending love story between tow guys!! I love it! There are new chapters practically every week! <3
Dec 15
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Ash the Killer
It's well written and fast paced. Can't wait for more.
Dec 01
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I call this one the manga visions of. Fifty shards of Grey. Which I love
Nov 30
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Amazing! Definitely loved it, and I’m recommending it to all of my friends
Nov 07
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the best
Oct 21
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A new kind of perverted love since the shades of grey...
Oct 04
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Beautiful art
Poor Riku
Sep 25
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