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I'm not a fan of this kind of full digital color drawings. The narration is weird and the story isn't very interesting. I feel like I've read this kind of things plenty of times in western comic books. Maybe I'll give it a second chance, but for now it's one of the least interesting manga I've read on the site.
Aug 24
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Justin Andrew Mason
Interesting manga with an unique are style. Full color. There are several disjointed stories going on here, but as you progress through the chapters you start to see hints of how they are connected. I'll be checking out future chapters hoping that the overarching plot connects the perspectives.
Aug 21
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The story was a bit cliched, and the artwork is a hit or miss. There were some sections with detailed art, but the rest of the manga had messy artwork that looked like scribbles.

I found some parts of the story to be a bit confusing. I hope the story and the artwork improve in the upcoming chapters.
Aug 17
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I read till Chapter 10. The story seems to be promising, but it is sometimes confusing. I hope it will not be classic, but the characters don't help ... The story needs a good event, to make a big and interesting change.
Aug 15
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It is an interesting story line with some character building. If you like futuristic reads read this one.
Aug 11
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