Reviews / A Classroom Bereft of Angels

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This was heart-stoppingly terrifying and intriguing at the same time. While not body horror, the amount of gore displayed (or rather, censored), still does a circus act on your stomach.
Nov 10
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Hørrōr ~ Ïš ~ Mÿ ~ Łîfē >:3
I loved reading this horrifying and amazing book~ i hope to see more in the future :>
Nov 05
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this is something i wish i saw early in my time of reading horror comics truly beautiful.
Oct 31
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I absolutely LOVE SeNMU's work, and this is one of my favorites! There's so much gore and so much story, and it's absolutely beautiful! I can't wait for more!
Oct 28
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I cant stop reading!
Aug 18
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Norimaki Arale
Taking school bullying and conformity over and beyond the edge of sanity, this one packs a punch. The art is distinctive, gorgeous, and eerie, with the characters looking like creepy dolls. The dense, dark setting heightens the feeling of claustrophobia and paranoia, and works to layer dread on top of terror as the story moves forward. A visual treat, with a story to match.
Jun 24
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I love your FUCCING work its amazing
Jun 05
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