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Jun 22
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The manga is great
May 17
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Manga Reader
This manga is amazing but each part is so short.
May 15
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The best manga that i ever read!!!!!!!!
Mar 20
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Feb 07
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my dad left me
Dec 04
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It’s an amazing manga and it does resemble black clover a lot but unlike black clover there’s no magic and it’s a little more realistic I hope it gets an anime someday
Oct 05
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Wide-eyed Wander
It's is has the typical shonen main character with the standard hothead nature. I felt that it didnt really capture my interest of something unique & wanting to invest in the characters. But it is quite action packed which was depicted well in the art style.
Aug 24
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Its aight.
Aug 24
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It's a run-of-the-mill shonen manga with a medieval setting, but I like its simplicity and it's an enjoyable read. The art is also pretty good.
Aug 23
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a new fresh shounen manga is always appreciated!
Aug 23
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Nathan Lin
This is a pretty standard shonen manga, but its pretty enjoyable. The chapters seemed to get a lot shorter the more I read though, so you might not get as much out of a ticket
Aug 23
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Unfortunately this manga did not click with me, it felt as if I had read or watched the same story and the attitudes for many characters did not feel as if I could relate to them. There are hints as to why they were created the way they are and I have hopes that I may be able to reach a point where I can be highly invested in it. That's not to say it isn't good though, it's quite entertaining and good for people that haven't read many manga in this setting or genre, but avid readers should leave it for a rainy day.
Aug 22
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Pretty good shonen but bit classical.
If you already read many shonen you can skip it
Aug 21
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Rem Faoa
Nice art, generic story. Getting Black Clover vibes coming from here(dunno who came first though). Also looks like MC is pretty fast and strong giving he beat a boar bare handed.
Aug 21
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The manga starts off great and it reminds me a bit of black clover. So that this manga is going to do great.
Aug 21
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A decent Shounen so far, fairly typical protagonist but likable enough. The series grips my attention well enough to want to keep reading so would recommend it to others
Aug 21
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Good start! Equites does have pretty good art with an amateurish feel to it (not necessarily a bad thing), however the pacing seems a little bit fast with but that may change as the story progresses. The light shonen tone of the story is comparable to most other well known shonen and is an easy read that allows you to breeze through chapters.
Aug 21
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Very nice manga, road to animé ;) GO GO GO !
Aug 21
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I can see some Black Clover here, seems like it has potential to be one of the next generation shounen
Aug 21
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Chanly Ly
The art in this manga is amazing, the story, however, is nothing new
Aug 21
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Alone is very interesting but when coupled with the main character and his determination to complete his job just makes it all the better
Aug 21
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Good battle manga
Aug 21
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Justin Andrew Mason
This reads really quick, but has some fun humor. This manga follows the typical hero's trial format, but the art style and Kato's naivety and determination keeps it fresh. Looking forward to reading more!
Aug 20
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