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Justin Andrew Mason
Enjoying reading this manga. the art is well done, and the story is compelling. It's not a new scenario -- an upper class (angles) turns a middle class (humans) against a lower class (the fallen) in a bid to maintain their superiority. However, the way the story is presented seems fresh and entertaining. I hope there will be future chapters of this series available to read.
Aug 25
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I really like the plot and the art style. I wish each chapter was longer, so that there wasn't so many individual ones. I'm interested to read more about the Fallens and why they are so hated. I recommend to anyone who likes fantasy.
Aug 24
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Good story so far. I hope it updates soon. Pretty similar to another manga on this site called Sinner but different enough to still be compelling.
Aug 22
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Nice but nothing really new. Need to read more of the story.
Aug 12
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interesting story , cool art , I hope to see new chapter soon.
Dec 10
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