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Justin Andrew Mason
Funny, sad, and endearing. A world between worlds? I'm curious whether this is some sort of introspection by the protagonist. Something seems familiar between Mirako and Nico, and it makes me wonder if they are two personifications of the same soul.
Aug 27
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Very charming story!
Aug 25
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Wide-eyed Wander
This is sure a beautifully charming & engaging manga which is able to prompt the reader to experience a flurry of emotions.
Aug 24
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Fermata Life is creative, sad, and interesting. I've never read a plot like this before. It is also very sad as it deals with the death of a new University student. I'm curious to see how long she'll be on the planet, the adventures she'll have with Nico, or if there is a possibility to return home. I highly recommend and I will certainly continue reading.
Aug 23
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I love how the MC builds a fast relationship with Nico ! <3
Aug 11
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Very cute!! I want to see what happens to Mirako so hopefully more updates come soon. It looks like things may get a little darker and there's a lot of stuff we don't really know about Fermata. (Hopefully things don't get TOO dark!)
Aug 11
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Midori Gurin
Jun 05
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