Reviews / LOVE TRAPI couldn’t believe how head over heels he was for me, but it was just a trap.

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Don't do it! Not this one... nope.
I read plenty smut, cuz I like it. But this is shitty smut. This is treat your partner like crap smut.
There is not one redeeming quality in any character here.
I'm on chapter 7 so far and the FL has been cheated on twice, deceived by her Father twice, RAPED once and exposed and groped publicly at work. All by her "boyfriends" arranged by Daddy. It's like Dating Game with the DEVIL.
There is NO love in this and you're better off not reading it because it is incomprehensible... it's not even qualified as "smut logic".... ITS A FAIL.
The art is good, but can you imagine readng the story and thinking, YEAH -I'd love to illustrate those moves. UGH, my pencil would 've refused by itself.
May 11
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