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Norimaki Arale
It seems like a draft. The artwork is awkward and seems unfinished at times, and the story lacks any useful introduction to the characters and settings. It's neither sexy nor interesting, so I won't be back.
Jun 24
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It was okay
Aug 25
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This felt more "realistic" than some of the other love stories I've read on here. Some of the side conversations weren't translated and there were some typos, but overall I enjoyed reading this.
Aug 25
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I read through Chapter one, and I must say, it's fast paced! The opening is quite direct, but I feel like it hits the ground and keeps running. Maybe that feeling changes in later chapters, but there's so much to explore going on in the plot, I wish that the plot took the time to show it. For example,the sentiment that the protag is feeling with feeling stuck between friends who are married and friends who are single is an interesting plot point, but it feels rushed between that, the love confession, and the proposition all happening in the same chapter.
Aug 25
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Wide-eyed Wander
I like the protagonist she has a personality & mind of her own which makes me feel invested in her story & how she resolves the conflict in her life.
Aug 23
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Nicole Mcintosh
As a Josei/shojo addict I was glad to find some raunchy romances, especially when it appeared all the romance titles are either yaoi or yuri. The art is ok, not hugely brilliant but certainly better than I could ever dream of doing. The story is what really loses it stars for me, it’s disjointed and a bit run of the mill. Plus, it’s listed under hentai - it’s not!! It’s predictable but if you want a hetero romance to read then you have little choice. I’ve read way worse, but also way better. Will pass an hour or so unoffensively xx
Aug 21
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Not really a great story but, I did loved the art. Still give it a try If you haven't read this yet.
Aug 20
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Boring and cliche and predictable, but the art is alright.
Aug 13
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Gothic Sugar
I have to admit that I am a sucker for josei stories. This one starts off with a woman who isn't quite sure what she should be doing. Her friends who've started families seem so happy and successful in their relationships. Meanwhile her single friends want to stay free not being dependent on a husband and unable to have fun. Though she questions being marriage material, she finds herseld stuck between the two worlds. A coworker has expressed his interest in getting to know her better but seeing a man who has laid down the ground rule, "don't fall in love with me". I give it three stars for the set up in the first chapter. It may be a predictable plot, but the story is framed in such a way that it'll be fun to see how we reach the conslusion.
Aug 12
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You know where it's going, 100%, but it's the journey with shoujo manga and as someone out of high school having older characters is refreshing and the progression of the story is faster than a normal shoujo. So far so good.
Aug 11
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Don't be fooled by the cover! It's a nice mix of pessimistic and optimistic view on romance and love in the modern world. It doesn't have a lot of the usual shoujo manga tropes which I really dislike. Give this a shot!
Nov 23
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