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Not going to lie, I actually enjoyed this . I wish the font was nicer, but the plot is interesting. More free chapters please so I can read it!

But I don't get it, was the MC girl raped when she was asked to change her clothes and then saying she can't get married? seriously ANOTHER RAPE come on.

16 + yeah right.
Aug 25
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Wide-eyed Wander
Do not like. It is all so bland & gross with the molestation cuz the girl wasn't obedient cuz they basically took the women against their will to be their "entertainment". Overall bland writing & art as well as a pretty bad pacing & characterisation.
Aug 21
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Jumps into auction very quickly. Lots of speech bubble and lots of writing. The cover made it look like it's going to be crazy stuff but it's not really like that.
Aug 20
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Candice Baptista
Probably the most interesting of the sample chapters I have read so far
Aug 17
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Want more
Aug 16
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Very interesting premise, can't wait for more :)!
Aug 16
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Can't wait for the next chapter
Apr 02
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This is so good! Can't wait for the next update!!!
Mar 29
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