Reviews / Live-In Spirit

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AbduLazisNursisa VeLasco
I love this story However I don't have coins to read it
Jan 20
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Allison Annabel
so cute!
Aug 19
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Pichitra Sinsamersuk
I found that this comic is interesting. It's about a girl who recently moved into a rental apartment alone long after her parents' death. On the first night, she noticed that someone, or something, was living with her from the voice she heard.

I would like to read more of it.
Aug 17
thumb_up 3
Really good story line! Perhaps a bit too fast lace with the blocks, bit really cute and I love it x
Aug 14
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Nicole Price
This seems like it's going to be super cute! I love the concept.
Aug 11
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Why this comic no color? Anyone knows where i can read comics with full color?
Jul 27
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Make it an Anime and get more elaborate with the story.
Jul 07
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Nicely written
Jun 15
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Cute Story
May 19
thumb_up 22
by far, this one is my fave <3
May 11
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I love this soo much the fox guy is soo cute.
May 05
thumb_up 7
Zashiki-Warash is unbelievably cute / story.
Apr 02
thumb_up 37
supper cute ^^
Mar 11
thumb_up 13
The story is unbelieveably good, the art is pretty and the spirits are sooooo cutee
Feb 09
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