Reviews / A Muse in Subservience

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i like it so far i think it's good onl because i read the first chapter but yeah its good

Nov 10
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Yeah it's SMUT.

What is it with G2Comix. I feel I'm not becoming a fan of this publisher. a BOYFRIEND WHO SOLD HER TO PAY OFF HIS DEBT

wtf is wrong with this plotline. poor female mentality again? This sucks. Isn't there a strong female lead in ANY g2comix ?
Aug 25
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pretty okay for a ero manga. The MC is cute and so is the guy but boy was that first chap rushed.
Aug 23
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Possible growing plot line. Main character is appealing in drawing so it may help to keep people interested.
Aug 22
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Wide-eyed Wander
The art is gorgeous & it's a bit cliche but the characters are quite dynamic to keep me invested in the progression of their relationships. I also like the pacing for the set up of the conflict.
Aug 21
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The first chapter didn’t seem to pull me in based off the great reviews. Overall it did seem a little interesting, maybe a couple more chapters my do the trick. I did like the story a little, but we’ll see
Aug 21
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Allison Annabel
i really loved it!
Aug 19
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I was a little worried with the title that it would be some porn fest, but it's not. There's a happy ending, but Hitomi has to go through some difficult situations to get there.
Aug 19
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I’ve seen this formula before but it looks interesting enough to binge
Aug 18
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This is cute! Classic but cute!
Aug 17
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good ~ pretty basic plot I guess ... boyfriend/significant other/family has a debt > girl sold off > buyer prob shady at first then falls for her in the end or something like that.
Nice artwork
Aug 10
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Cutest story on this website tbh
Jul 30
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Jul 02
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