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Plot twist indeed
Jun 21
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1st chapter is interesting, hope can get more ticket to continue reading....
Jun 19
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The story is really intriguing. Reading this reminded me of Golgo 13, which is one of my favorite animes. I say, this manga is in the league of Golgo 13. Brilliant. Genius.
Apr 13
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Mar 30
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I absolutely like the artwork as well as the variety of settings. So far each and every chapter was really interesting. It's a really good read!
Jan 29
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Love this manga. Great art work and story line
Dec 03
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Rei Chan
This manga is interesting and the drs past is mysterious. FIr those who want a new manga to read. THIS IS IT !
Nov 09
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Wide-eyed Wander
It's a different premise to other manga that is quite intriguing. It is quite the thriller which builds up tension well.
Aug 24
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Justin Andrew Mason
So that's what it would be like if James Bond had become a plastic surgeon instead of a spy? :D
Aug 24
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awsome manga , realy great story also we see what plastic hirurgs deal with on special cases and daily ones
Aug 24
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So this is like Black Jack from the looks of it. The stories are interesting so I'll keep reading to see what happens next.
Aug 22
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Old school comic, wish they didn't blur out the interesting parts.
Aug 17
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Really interesting! Can’t wait to read more of it!!!
Aug 16
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Remind me of good job club
Aug 15
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This is a MUST-READ! Very interesting plot.
Aug 14
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quite good
Aug 12
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This is really amazing.
Aug 11
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Shaiann Santos
Wow. Read all four parts of the first chapter in the manga series God job. The characters style are yet realistic and subtle looking. It kind of reminds of Black Jack manga except it more American and fashion look like its from the 1960's or maybe their just really formal lol. Though going along the story I just feel iffy about it since the scenario between the characters is just helping the victims cases by doing surgery on them to solve their problems.
Aug 11
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