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Justin Andrew Mason
I don't care (I really do). Fun, short little one shot manga.
Aug 28
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Samuel Grande
This one was also a pretty good android one-shot. The first one had more to it, so this series could definitely use just ever so slightly something more to spice things up.
Aug 27
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Wide-eyed Wander
It's a delightful manga that is a cliche but definitely pulls on your heartstrings.
Aug 25
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This one-shot is a cute story about a boy and an android girl. It's a very relaxing story that shouldn't be taken too seriously. The art definitely fits the tone of this one-shot. Like other reviewers, I definitely agree that this one-shot is a bit predictable, but, it's still good to enjoy after a long day of hard work. :)
Aug 24
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Aww!! I want more of this! Too cute for words!!
Aug 19
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Cute, but predictable.
Aug 18
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Midori Gurin
Jun 05
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I find this to be super cute and amazing! But on like the second page it said, " The end" I NEED MORE!!!!!!
May 30
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A lighthearted one-shot and the art also reflects the whole vibe of the story. Koto and Masato have a very cute relationship!
Nov 20
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