Reviews / Hinako's My Wife?!

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Why isn't new chapters getting uploaded
Jan 31
thumb_up 25
A cute story so far I hope this is received well for future volumes!
Jan 02
thumb_up 11
Well written love story with an intriguing mystery subplot. A small cast that's easy to get comfortable with and an art style that's fluid enough to give them life. I look forward to the next chapters.
Dec 29
thumb_up 1
Best to eat RAW
The art style is pretty good especially the heroine (hinako) I would recommend this for those who loves a kind of onee-san vibe, especially for those who wants mystery.
Dec 26
thumb_up 1
If you like mystery with a subtile feeling of love? You have come to the right place! What are you waiting for? Go read!
Dec 25
thumb_up 2
I really like this manga. The story is nice so far and the art style is really beautiful. I hope a new chapter comes out soon.
Dec 12
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Rafael Nguyen Alvarez
Hinako's character design is actually pretty cute. I wouldn't mind if a cute woman showed up and asked to be my wife.
Dec 10
thumb_up 4
Yandere anyone? It was pretty cute so far.
Nov 28
thumb_up 7