Reviews / Immoral

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The art is very nice i just hope there's more chapters
Sep 27
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Justin Andrew Mason
Interesting story reflecting on the sense of loneliness a scapegoat experiences, and the acceptance the protagonist provides to the weary outcast. I wonder if the blame is undue, or if there's really something to the lingering hex? Hope to see more chapters.
Aug 27
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Wide-eyed Wander
It is quite a beautiful manga that really evokes sympathy for the characters.
Aug 24
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Meg Gill
I really like this so far, lots of interesting world-building and cute girls? What could be better?? Excited for more!
Aug 17
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Angelica N DiMino
This already seems to be a very thought out and planned story line. I am looking forward to seeing how this plays out and of course the yuri <3
Aug 17
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Starting out interesting, I like the interesting design and world. Looking forward to more
Aug 12
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It’s a really nice story so far. I quite like Pu Xin and feel like she deserves better so I cant wait to see how both nian’s and xin’s story unfolds.
Aug 11
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Two in one
I love it
May 04
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i like it so far
Apr 29
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