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Justin Andrew Mason
Interesting concept, but this seemed like more of a setup for an actual plot of an ongoing manga series, not a one shot. I didn't really get much out of the story. Very creative, and interesting art, but seems unfinished.
Sep 08
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Samuel Grande
I wish it kept going, I wanted to see more.
But I also wanted to have a better understanding of what was going on, it was hard to follow and all over the place.
Aug 29
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David C.
I thought there is another chapter.
I like the art style and plot.
Aug 23
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Different, but in a good way and with a decent twist.

Definitely for fans who like surreal stories that don't leave you thinking, "What did I just read?"
Aug 22
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This manga is entertaining and very original
Aug 22
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Wow that twist at the end! I did not see that coming at all!
Aug 19
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This was a unique short story. My favorite part of the story was the different aliens talking about the planets they're from. I also like the twist at the end of the story.
Aug 15
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One of the more unique ones out here on this website; has an interesting concept and nails down a lot of things in such a short time.
Aug 12
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Very interesting twist so just finish this in one go.
Aug 12
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An interesting short story. The inhuman characters and the twist ending were a treat.
Aug 12
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This was recommended to me by a friend I work with. I thought at first he was pulling my leg, since he knows how much I like humorous titles. WOW. This was a good 1-shot. Definitely wasn't expecting the ending.
Nov 17
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