Reviews / A Touch of the Love Bug

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omg!!!!!! this is awesome and it gave me ideas of making my own thank you :))
Apr 16
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It's awesome, I really love Renge's personality. The plot is understandable, this is one of the best 18+ rom-com mangas I've read. I also like how there's a different take on the whole uke-seme thing.

Feb 25
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Really good I really like it
Aug 22
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Wide-eyed Wander
The characters are really fun & engaging. They have cute interactions & pretty good smut. Plus the art style is A+.
Aug 21
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It's brainless and adorable and the art is amazing. What more can you ask for in a short r rated rom-com?
Aug 18
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*Squeals* I love this too much!!! Things fall into place too perfectly but thats the point doit okay. I still love it!!!
Aug 16
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The younger person with older person trope has always bothered me... SMUT.
Aug 16
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I loved this series along with the plot and characters! uwu
Aug 12
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A mobster/yakuza story about a young seme and older uke. Really enjoyed the art style of this series, but wished it delved a little more into the characters and their pasts. Would definitely read again and recommend if you like older ukes :)
Aug 11
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