Reviews / A Love Story Between My Boss and I

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So cute
Jun 27
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My first comic on this website and I'm instantly hooked.
Thank you for your hardwork, Sensei.
I'm off to read the next sequel!!!
Nov 26
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I really enjoy office romance yaoi and this is no exception, I might have to pony up to continue this one!
Aug 21
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Wide-eyed Wander
I think the characters are really engaging & their dynamics. I am enjoying the plot so far & find this to be cute. I think the art style is excellent even though it is depicting something as generic as an office building.
Aug 17
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From reading the first chapter, I think it is a cute story and the base storyline is pretty generically similar to one I have read a while ago ~ which was a good one too. Nice artwork as well.
Aug 10
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