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thank you for making this!!!
Dec 03
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Jun 20
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I can get my coin to read , hu hu hu
Apr 19
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Always love Kanda Neko-sensei's works <3
Aug 24
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Tekilex Is Teki
Super cute!
Aug 23
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Personally I really like this one. Kanda Neko is one of the best mangaka in my opinion, and I reread her manga a lot. This one is has some really cute and fluffy parts, but also quite some lewd parts *drools*, so that's a lot of fun.
Aug 22
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I really like it ^_^ ^_^
Aug 22
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Beautiful story
Aug 22
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pretty art. the characters are draw great and after reading the first chapter I think ill keep reading. food for the fujoshi's out there
Aug 20
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Wide-eyed Wander
I think it was quite an engaging built up of the characters' relationship & tension between them. The art style is very beautiful.
Aug 17
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Its pretty good!! I love the characters and story is really cute! I love the artist and her art style and read some of her other works! Cant wait for more.
Aug 14
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Nice art and characters
Aug 14
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Nicole Price
I really enjoyed reading this! Can't wait for more.
Aug 11
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