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so hart warming.....why must we purchase the rest!!!!
Jan 19
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need coins
its good! but tanginaaa kailangan pa ng coins...
Jan 12
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Dude. I love this. It’s amazing, and I wanna read the rest so bad, but I can’t cause I don’t have coins. I can’t buy them either :( but from what I’ve read, it’s awesome!
Jan 05
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I dont have coins ,but from what I read this is great ,nice
Jan 02
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Dec 24
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Dis is toooooooo good. But meh depressed, we have 2 buy with money meh have no money meh want money so meh can read dis manga meh lover yaoi meh need more yaoi. yaoi for all the world hehe
Dec 16
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Ruaya PabiaCaicai
If there is free manga please let me know i really can’t buy coins
Dec 13
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It's an amazing manga and all the charectars are very loving already, but the fact that you have to buy coins for the next part is a little angering.
Nov 11
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its SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Goooood even tho i cant get the 2nd part im dying!!!!!
Nov 07
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The fist scene was reeeeally good but for the ones who cant buy coins (like me)im not really happy
Oct 07
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this is a really great Manga ^^ I wish there were more like this
Sep 14
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Sep 07
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wow i guess they really hot
Jul 31
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Jul 02
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This is great. Looking forward until the end. :) hope to have more coins too
Jun 28
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Maya Aurora
Good story but don't have coin to read the full chapter!
Jun 21
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I got no coins but I absolutely love thissss
Jun 21
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Excellent twists and scenes
Jun 20
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im to broke for coin's but the first chapter was fire
Apr 17
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Isabel Ross
Anyone else here from a CDawgVA video?
Mar 30
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songslyrics and
Best manga ever but like I don’t have credit card so I can’t purchase coin and I’m so mf dying of what gonna happen next
Mar 05
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I love gay manga's so I thought this was great, I also like it cause I am gay too!!!
p.s. I'm proud of that!!!
- Joe
Mar 04
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After reading the first chapter I love it!
Feb 25
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Ngọc TrangNguyễn
so hot
Jan 23
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Its a nice a juicy story very kinky tbh with you. One of my favorite manga's~! Anyways, I was a bit confused when it was Korean/Japanese but since this one is in English it makes much more sense ;)
Jan 22
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THIS S--- IS GAY AS F--- WOOOW!! I live it...<3
Jan 17
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I've seen CDawgVA read this and I thought it was so good so I wanted to read more and I did and I'm very satisfied if this manga well done!!!!
Jan 04
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this is the best manga book i ever read in my life
Dec 09
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Oct 23
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Just the first chapter has already gotten me hooked onto this series.
Oct 10
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Super sexy. I mean, this is pretty much smut, honestly hahaha. This is about 2 high school friends, Kanao and Sei, who start to live with each other and become friends with benefits after high school. Then they become friends with their neighbor, Konno, who disrupts their relationship. But this isn't just some cutesy love-triangle. This gets kinda nuts when you find out that they all have some secrets and dark sides. I wasn't expecting that! I hope there's a Konno spin-off someday!
Aug 06
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