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Justin Andrew Mason
WTF did I just read? Hillbilly protagonist is a total jerk (who needs a heavy dose of medication and anger management classes). A few chapters in and the only likeable character has been raped twice; everyone's super casual about it. She's in love with the main character, who seduces her, then leaves her behind with her rapists so he can go pursue a career in racing... Hard pass here.
Aug 23
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It's alright. The art style is nice but seems a little sloppy at times.
Aug 22
thumb_up 3
This is the best manga i have read it , it has great art priticlary in the mad tractor scens and later in the formula raceing , the manga also haves nudity in some parts , the main protagonist is not like your ordinary manga protagonist he is unique sometimes selfish and a jerk , but he is also insane and sommetimes suprise us , the story is more of a revenge tupe nothing special but it holding the attentation on what will happend next .
p.s. this is just my recomendation if you want when you read to get more excitement try lisening to the ,, [1st Time Edit] Ping Pong the Animation - Hero Appears Theme Edited (Edited) song from youtube ,, somehow it realy nicely goes with the racing scens , well if you want give it a go
Aug 22
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Dope manga. It's got a superfast tractor and full on naked boobs... what's not to love?
Aug 22
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Wide-eyed Wander
The protagonist is not someone I would be willing to root for but the manga does create dynamic tension in the racing parts with a tractor.
Aug 18
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Didn't enjoy it as much as i thought I would
Aug 11
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Gunma is NOT a very likable guy. He's a jerk, gets ticked off in ANY LIVING THING is faster than him and he's a horny guy...but I can't help want want to root for him to win the race. How many other series out there opens with a guy driving a juiced up TRACTOR! A TRACTOR! I want to ride in a juiced up tractor! Contains some nudity.
Aug 11
thumb_up 30
I like the art style. Very 90s
Aug 11
thumb_up 20