Reviews / Sweet Beast

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Nice from the beginning to the end. A really good read. Must read more of their books. ✌
Dec 18
thumb_up 26
This is so good I could read this all day it is that good I'm half way through but I really love this manga it's amazing!!!
Jan 09
thumb_up 19
Ash the Killer
A compelling story and very erotic sex scenes. The art is not the best out there but it is still good. The sex scenes are incredibley well done and so far one of the best reads in my five years of reading yaoi
Dec 01
thumb_up 36
lol this wasn't bad.

But I couldn't stop laughing because I kept on thinking of Victor (YOI) and Aizen (bleach) lol. omg universes colliding.

Aug 25
thumb_up 10
Sakuya CatFox
This is just beautiful... it's an interesting story I'd probably would want to see as anime or hentai.
Aug 23
thumb_up 8
Fantastic and so erotic
Aug 22
thumb_up 5
Wide-eyed Wander
The art & smut is an A++. I am enjoying the character's dynamic relationships & eager to read more of their hijinks together.
Aug 21
thumb_up 8
far fetched, easy to forshadow, but still pretty good. Excited to see how it continues.
Aug 20
thumb_up 1
The start was iffy but it soon transforms into a truly fluffy romance with some rather ridiculous but adorable plot twists. And lots of porn. Overall an enjoyable read.
Aug 18
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