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I love it. I’m in the middle of writing a gay novel and this was interesting.
Apr 10
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Isabel Ross
Mar 30
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This manga is a bunch of one shots. Most are pleasant, though a bit on the bland side. The "Daddy's Boyfriend" story is only the first one shot. Ch 2 is about roommates, one of which likes to travel, leaving his roommate missing him for month on end. Ch 3 is about cousins who come out to each other. One thinks he's on the verge of getting a boyfriend, which makes the other cousin upset. Ch 4 is probably the best one. It's the one with the most emotional impact anyway. A salaryman accidentally breaks the glasses of his coworker. The coworker is upset because they were his lover's (I'm guessing he's dead but it's unclear). The salaryman finds himself fascinated with his coworker.
Oct 31
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Kei Enjoji
Starts good......
Oct 29
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Ceritanya menarik
Oct 28
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I love the title It has the perfect amount of steaminess and story and the art style is just incredible. Can't wait to read the next chapter. O//O
Oct 27
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