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Kamon ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡
The only chapter I read was chapter 5 because it was the only one that interested me based off of hurlingturtles' summaries. It was very good, though the ending was a bit abrupt.
Jun 19
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Ch 1-3)Teacher looks after a vampire child until the boy becomes a highschooler and his thirst for blood becomes unbearable.
Ch4) Gay man lost his job and waslivign on the streets when he's taken in by a former classmate who's now a man-slut playboy.
Ch5) A doctor has to treat a yakuza member who he used to be in a relationship with in high school that didn't work out, most likely because the yakuza member was trying to protect him. This was a sad chapter with no resolution.
Ch 5) Divorcee from the countryside goes to the city to find a wife and hires matchmakers to help him, but finds himself drawn more to the matchmaker then anyone.
Nov 19
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