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Jun 16
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this is romantic and amazing and now im having nose bleeds *blushing*
Apr 25
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I love, love triangles but one of them has to date one of the guys
Apr 25
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sooooo sad theres cions qwq

i love this, a true love triangle
Mar 22
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its a love triangel
kanade likes souma
souma likes yuuji
yuuji likes kanade
Mar 12
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TOO bad its for coins its such a nice story even from the beginning.
Mar 02
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this is a really nice story, but a little confusing in places but once you've read past the confusing parts it all starts to make sense and a bigger picture starts to grow from it all. :-)
Feb 25
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Feb 23
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What the heck
Feb 17
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garcia mendosacielo
hermoso el drama y todo lo demas
Feb 09
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Anime Fan
I LIKE HARREEEMMM!!!!...........
Jan 25
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This Manga is very well written. The plot is a so interesting. I thought souma was going to like Kana but instead the plot twisted in another way . Souma likes Yuuji . Which it shocked me . But the plot is way different then usal love trainagle . It had me out of my seat gasping.
The emotion in this is Fantastic .
I can't wait to see more of this lovley work . Best Music ❤️
Jan 12
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This was... ok. It could've been so much better. Shy Kana is in love with the out-going Souma, but when Souma gets a girlfriend it's their mutual friend Yuu that comforts him and confesses to Kana. Souma sees them kiss and get jealous. This turns into a unsatisfactory love triangle until one of them just bows out. This was just a bit too melodramatic for me. I would've liked it more if it ended with them being in a poly relationship.
Dec 26
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Dec 26
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Ash the Killer
I can't wait for more chapters. I absolutely love poly relationship stories.
Dec 01
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midoriya izukus sisizuki
I like it i guess......REVERSE HAREM!
Nov 29
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