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Samuel Grande
Am I the only one that thinks the girl on the cover looks like Shizuka Minamoto?
That aside, the ending was a bit too general, I wish the MC had at least one meaningful interaction with literally anyone, and the whole style should have been more spread out instead of this compact small-square hard-to-read style. Other than that, I do see some potential. Let's see what else you've got.
Aug 29
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Justin Andrew Mason
An entertaining homage to classic manga style and comic strips. Very short, but a fun read.
Aug 25
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Short and sweet. I would have liked to see more. The art style is old school, which really works in this case.
Aug 23
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A cute short story about a girl with a dream
Aug 21
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Interior Crocodile Alligator
Unique art style. "A threat from a lesbian" is a great line.
Aug 11
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To become popular at school, Mari tries to become a ninja!
Dec 28
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