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wow it needs more chapters
May 09
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Justin Andrew Mason
I dig the art and the premise of this one shot manga, but I wish there were more. It creates an interesting setting, sets a plot in motion, and then... it ends in ice cream. :/
Sep 08
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Wide-eyed Wander
I liked the premise for the manga & i enjoyed the unique art style but I feel like this had more potential as a series. The pacing was too fast & The ending is unsatisfying
Aug 25
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Playboy was more of a beginning to a story rather than a full story. The plot lacked a climax. It tried to build up a story and not pay it off.

The art was unique, though, and the plot was interesting enough. If it had a climax and more of a falling action, it would've been better.

Although this one-shot lacks in the plot department a little, it isn't the worst manga I've read.
Aug 24
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Brad Beachell
I really liked the style, has a Butch Hartman feel to it. The story though sort of underwhelming.
Aug 24
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This..was just weird.
Aug 19
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This book I thought the plot was creative and the art style was nice but, I think it went to fast and it all sort of jumbled up together and didnt make sense.
Aug 18
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I really liked the art style, but this was worded/formatted so confusing that it was hard to focus on anything or follow what was happening. A neat idea, just not so neatly executed.
Aug 13
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[name here]
Playboy is about a game character whose mission is to entertain the children who play the game he is inside. The prequel to the game was a big hit, and this game will be for a new audience. But will he entertain the children, and if not, what will happen.


Playboy is similar to isekai animes, in that the main character is inside a game with a risk that the memory of the character is going to be deleted. But they do it in a little different way, which I liked. Some of the writing felt weird, where I was confused a lot while reading it. But the visuals are pleasing enough to make it an okay comic.

5/10 from me
Aug 12
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