Reviews / Sammy and Onokoro

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Justin Andrew Mason
Quick one shot manga broken into slightly serialized chapters. Unique art style. I want to know the rest of the crow's story.
Sep 06
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Wide-eyed Wander
Such a unique & beautiful art style that has such an intriguing plot yet as a one shot it feels unfinished & makes you want more.
Aug 25
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It's a bit weird but it was okay
Aug 22
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WAYYYY to short!! I wanna find out more about the white crow, dang it!!
Aug 20
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This manga was cute, but lacked focus or much of a main premise, so it felt more like a chapter or two of a longer story than a one-shot. The main appeal is the art style, which is very unique and at times the main character's face even reminded me of older American cartoons. It featured an uncommon look for manga overall. I like crows, so I thought a little girl and crow as two main characters was interesting. I'm not sure if it's perhaps a Japanese folk tale or something, but the story of the white crow was the most intriguing, oddly touching part and probably worth reading for it alone. Otherwise, nothing much happens in this manga to be honest, but for what it is, it's a unique little piece. If the art of the girl and crow interests you at all, it's probably worth checking out, particularly considering it's not very long.
Aug 15
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Too short! Good story. Wish there was more.
Aug 12
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