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Justin Andrew Mason
A fantastic high fantasy manga. Great battle scenes. Interesting plot. Dragons. Knights. Kings and demons. Undead curses. Holy magic, arcane powers, mysterious artifacts... basically everything grand about the fantasy genre. Various aspects of the plot are revealed through perspectives of different parties of characters as the story unfolds. It's interesting how they influence one another. I love reading this manga. Honestly, I'd like to also get it in print for my personal library. Great work, I think!
Aug 17
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The story is a bit rough and there's a lot of jumping around so it's hard to follow at times. You could do better than this, but you could also do worse. I like it enough to continue, but I hope the story gets less confusing.
Aug 17
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I found the plot to be confusing and hard to follow. The artwork and the coloring are okay. The battle scenes were fun to read, but anything outside of the fights was a chore to read through for me.
Aug 16
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While the plot of the series seems a little cliche, the art and fight scenes make reading Taaroa worth a shot. In the future, I hope the series comes out with some bigger tricks and turns to keep the story fresh and engaging.
Nov 17
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